Diamond Tools & Weapons Compared – Roblox Islands

Evaluating the brand new Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Axe, Diamond Conflict Hammer and Diamond Nice Sword to different heavy and lightweight melee weapons in Roblox …

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49 thoughts on “Diamond Tools & Weapons Compared – Roblox Islands

  1. Dv… Not tryna be rude but you can't really test the tools/ weapons o nyour main. BECAUSE! you got the level multiplier that upgrade your tools damage/ speed…
    (NOT TRYNA BE RUDE YES) (Just saying)

  2. i think i know why grass takes longer, pickaxes are used for mining hard stuff not grass they are probably gonna add shovels

  3. Islands is hinting something, wdim? First is the enchanted diamond, maybe they will add a enchanting table, Second is they haven't made any armor thingy

  4. Edit: This, my friends, is why you don't comment before the video is finished… But whatever. Good luck!
    My recommendation to level up weapons skills is to count the amount of hits it takes to kill the mob with the weapon you have that would deal the most damage and at the last hit change the weapon for the one you want to level up.

    For example, I use the tidal spellbook and then change to aqua sword or gilded hammer. In three days I reached the diamond hammer and almost the diamond sword levels.

  5. Me again, dont trust this youtuber as he is a 100% SCAMMER. He knows that I'm on about . I hope you are happy with yourself, your a disgrace to YouTube and all the people that watch you. You are very lucky that I'm a better person than you

  6. Him: has pretty much all diamond stuff
    Me: i don’t even have an enchanted diamond yet I defeated like 40 kors

  7. I just got scammed today and they took an enchanted diamond from me:(😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. when ever i wanna break a tree, i just break the grass. its hard to craft a cactus spike i can craft alot and i have 1000 cactus, u need the cactus spike bp to craft the cactus spike, its hard to get the bp

  9. This update kinda made the gilded pickaxe and gilded axe useless….

    Edit: I Got a red fertile daisy from a slime…is that normal…?

  10. dv im pretty sure it also depends on the levels of woodcutting and mining because once you get to a certain level it gives an upgrade

  11. Hey DV I know I don’t watch Youe Channel but I need help I didn’t play islands in 5 months or 4 and I had atleast like 50 to 72 test totems they all Disappeared I’m trying to find a Screenshot To prove iv also lost industrial Smelters and conveyers I can’t Get my test totems can you Donate Some Indus Smelters I know I’m gonna get a lot of Hate replys

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