Design Life: 35 Tips, Ideas & Inspirations For Kitchen Islands!

Fascinated about renovating your kitchen? How about putting in that island you’ve got all the time wished? For those who answered YES, press play for 35 suggestions and all of the …

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40 thoughts on “Design Life: 35 Tips, Ideas & Inspirations For Kitchen Islands!

  1. This was so informative. I have a small long house and it goes from the kitchen/dining/living room to sliding glass door to deck. Trying to figure out how to do a peninsula with dining attached on side since small area.

  2. I love this series! It’s like a best of; which for Sarah is every one of her designs. So I enjoy how she is categorizing these videos. Brilliant!

  3. OMG. what perfect timing. We are rebuilding our home and just finishing up the design work. Working the kitchen design into the layout and thinking about all the things I need to store and use in the kitchen, I found really difficult. This video could not have come at at better time. Thoughts of great ideas and tips and tricks to think about. I live in a rural area that does not have any nearby designers to work with, so am figuring this out on my own and as Sarah has mentioned many times… you need to really think about what you want, where you want it and how to put it all together. Thanks for the inspiration… love all your designs and videos. if I were to hire a designer, it would be you!

  4. We painted the kitchen cabinets in our first house 30 years ago … and I can still see them through the window when we drive by. The kitchen is black/white and Chinese red. Super high gloss red on the cabinets, b/w floor and b/w Formica countertops. Two level island – cooktop (remember downdraft grills?) and seating. Loved it!

  5. i have rented for more years than i want to think about! my kitchens have always had the colors yellow, red, black and white. they are there in one way or another. once i had a very small kitchen and put a narrow plank of ply wood on the wall for storage. you could see it from the liv. room/bedroom. it looked quite nice stained dark against "builder beige". my favorite would be your mustard kitchen. love these shows!!!!!

  6. When I buy my house if I can't have Sarah at least I'll have her genius to work with. Seriously Sarah..what can't you do. Not to overstate it but, you are truly exceptional and innovative.

  7. Thanks Sarah. Love those kitchens. Is anyone doing kitchens without islands these days? I’m considering it but can’t seem to find much inspiration.

  8. I appreciate that you go into depth with all of the choices as well as the reasonings of your designs. Makes me aware of the things that I would not have thought about.

  9. I will say this Sarah, you are definitely the best at articulating complex ideas, while still communicating in a very practical way! You are speaking to those of us who love to use our spaces.
    This is one of my favorites!!

  10. I dislike grey, it's been far overused. I live in Vancouver so most of the year here is grey. Give me soothing happy colours.

    However there were some good ideas in here Sarah. You are definitely one of the top designers I follow. I like Joanna Gaines as well….Glad she got out of the shiplap stage 🙂
    I'm going to be doing 2 renos for my duplex coming end of summer. from 2 suites to a four, upstairs, downstairs. I'm knocking down a wall upstairs to get the open concept. Seeing it's a rental I could just buy stock white cabinets but I want to put some panache in there. I'm going for a sage green island upstairs. But first I need the entire kitchen re-plumbed and electrical moved. It's going to make for an interesting fall project. Cheers. So glad to see you on utube. I subscribed as soon as you were on here. Who needs hgtv.

  11. Love all your kitchen reno's. I love to have my kitchen sink in front of a window, and would like to have my range/hood vent on an outside wall, thus making both sink and range on the same wall. Is this a good idea?

  12. You seem to really like a sink in the island. I have stayed in homes with a stove top on the island, it was a pain as I love to bake and prep on the island. The stove top was in the way with very little room for prep.

  13. Love your style, it always all just works together seamlessly and cohesively. One question always bothers me with painted kitchen cabnitry – how long before it chips, scratches and needs to be repainted?

  14. These are SO beautiful, but I don't for the life of me understand putting a sink across from the stove so that food and water drip on the floor from one to the other. Much better to have a run of countertop in between. Sink and stove in a row or at right angles.

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