DESERT ISLAND DECKS | Day 2 | LittleKuriboh

I for one welcome our new Dragon Knight overlords. Particular shout out to MasakoX for letting me run together with his thought! Try his channel: …

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23 thoughts on “DESERT ISLAND DECKS | Day 2 | LittleKuriboh

  1. How I would have handled it is taking two cards from each booster pack to make a 50 card deck. Then before the duel begins, I discard 10 cards to create my 40 card deck (which would either be really helpful or really annoying depending on what kind of cards I got). Obviously it's too late now as this series has ended and your knew series has already started, but whatever.

  2. 'Imagine if the soldier dragons combined with lawyers? They would rule the world!'. So basically the world of Shadowrun then XD

  3. Oh my god, little kuriboh is trapped on an populated island paradise with a literal castle owned by an outgoing somewhat quirky billionaire. What ever will he do? Hmmmm this looks like a problem that can only be solved by children’s card games and Brooklyn rage!

  4. Now I want to see an angsty teen drama about a bunch of dead yu-gi-oh monsters hanging out in the graveyard zone. Presumably the main character would be the sexually frustrated celtic guardian.

  5. from what i get out of that demon duck card is if there is a direct attack it hits the demon duck card sending it to the gy making it so you dont lose any life points because it has 0/0

    thx for this ha bisky vid i love seeing these new cards they are just as bad as the new pokemon

  6. I used to play Yugioh way back in the days. Even with knowledge of the game, most of these make 0 sense… I can't imagine what it feels like for uninitiated.

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