Denmark's $34 Billion Green Energy Island

If 34 billion {dollars} in capital funding would offer for the power wants of 6 million individuals virtually pollutant free, would you do it? That is the query …

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40 thoughts on “Denmark's $34 Billion Green Energy Island

  1. I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Venture into Investing some, if you really want financial freedom.

  2. To believe this, you must also believe in leprechauns and unicorns. So much left out of what such a project actually takes, and how much environmental damage it does.

  3. Wait so they create hydrogen if we combine this with power paste we can fuel all sort of stuff with this i suspect it will make more sense to use H for Cars too maybe Europe should switch to Hydrogen for Cars as it also seems to be more energy dense + easily transportable.

    Where can one invest in this amazing thing?

  4. China builds an Island the world cries out "Its a Land aircraft carrier"
    Danish builds an Island the world cries our "its wonderful "
    Talk about Hypocrisy.

  5. 32 billion…. Because building a simple cheap effective clean nuclear reactor… Now that's for armatures… For children we'll overkill the hell out of our society's money
    And if you don't like green energy just burn you're cash for heat

  6. In the Netherlands they had plans for a similar island more than a decade ago. Because of financial reasons they didn't build it. If someone now comes up with the idea, they tell them that due to the current windmills it is impossible to build it anymore. I hope that if Denmark build the island, the Dutch government will finally build there tulip shaped energy island

  7. Yes we would like to see the project that turns waste into fuel in country like india where importing fuel is costly . India also produces millions tons of plastic waste yearly

  8. i don't really see the point in making an artificial island tbh.

    I mean I understand that an island could make wind farms maintenance a little easier but on the other hand, you'd have to transport employees there everyday or every week.

    Could they not just install offshore windfarms and then build the hydrogen plant on land ?

  9. The blades alone are 10 tons of epoxy and fiberglass, and after 10-20 years go into landfills. It's not sustainable either, energy in is not equal to energy out. Sadly its not green in no way shape or form.

  10. Why build windmills in cold weather areas? Texas already proved they do not work in the cold. Not everyone can be smart like Americans.

  11. Is electrolysis being performed on Sea water? That's what's implied. But I was under the impression that if you start with sea water levels of salinity, your electrolysis products aren't hydrogen and oxygen, but rather hydrogen and chlorine gas. Are their plans to co-locate a desalination plant? What does that do to efficiency of H production? Or will they be importing in Fresh Water? Or are their plans for direct use or storage of the Chlorine Gas produced?

  12. But why build it in a island? why not transfer the electricity from offshore wind to the land, and do the hydrogene facility on the land? 
    Why bother to build an island? what are the advantages?
    not clear in this video.

  13. I believe green energy is the future. I am a proponent,, however, in private entrepreneurs leading the way. I believe in the laissez-faire model of government.

  14. No, i wouldnt like to see projects like this where i live, I enjoy the air pollution caused by mining and burning coal nearby my city. Jokes aside, thats some grade A+ content. Keep it up!

  15. Make a video on new nuclear tech like MSRs and SMRs, it's a new tech on the horizon and an effective way to combat climate change.

  16. ….too costly and too centralized. Every residential roof should have solar panels, a solar water heater and smaller battery banks scattered across the country underground

  17. Sounds like a cool futuristic solution.

    Whats the cost consumers will pay for the electricity?

    There seems to be alot of complaining about climate change. Companies will naturally trend to green things when they become viable

  18. Canada will most likely not make the world largest green hydrogen plant. Excluding the rail lines from East to West and hydro dam power. Most projects barely get done in Canada. Canada green hydrogen will be a massive boondoggle.

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