Democrats and White House to unveil immigration overhaul bill

CBS Information has discovered that after weeks of deliberations, congressional Democrats and the White Home will unveil a sweeping immigration invoice that may permit …

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47 thoughts on “Democrats and White House to unveil immigration overhaul bill

  1. Millions are headed for the border. I am sure Dems are building 1000s of housing facilities for families and processing them all swiftly. right?

  2. Biden has thrown Black America under the bus in record time. Biden knows that the jobs illegal aliens take are jobs done by us.

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  4. Nobody is illegal? Yeah unless I go to their country. Wow! They saw that they don’t have the votes for what they want they need to replace us lol!


  6. If I want my kid to come to the United States, she can come for 90 days while I do 2 years of paperwork to get her here legally. Fortunately I will never bring her here because I dont want her anywhere near the US. What we will do is start legislation to trim rights to citizens who dont serve the country on a local, state or federal level. People just born here and exploit our laws without any sacrifice should have their rights taken

  7. "no one is illegal" and "we are all immigrants" lol that's a laugh…unfortunately there ARE people who are in the country illegally, and personally, i am not an immigrant, i was born here. it would be nice if the rhetoric had at least a semblance of reality. i am all for LEGAL immigration, but i am NOT for simply opening the gates and just letting everybody from everywhere just stream into the country.

  8. Forcing the Mexicans to do there documentation in MEXICO keeps the DRUG CARTEL from dumping CHILDREN IN THE USA.DA DA DA DA DUMB.

  9. Cool let’s let a bunch of people in during a pandemic where all these people are out of work. What can go wrong?

    I’m all for letting people in but if you don’t put your oxygen mask on before helping the person next to you then everyone dies

  10. There is no contradiction. Biden would like teachers to be prioritized, CDC said it isn't necessary. Boden promised to listen to the science. CDC is the science, Biden can change his mind. Problem solved.

  11. Good move, one more Republicans scare tactic illuminated. They claimed for years they arent ippised to a pathway for citizenship, we will see home many vote for it won't we? NEXT!

  12. None of this would be happening if Republicans didn’t entrust Billionaires to save poor people in this country. As much as I hate Joe, it was either him or more tax cuts for corrupt billionaires.

  13. Say…, What happens if you enter Germany, France, Australia, Japan, India illegally..?? Anyone..?? They Send you BACK on the next Flight, bus, Train… No if's and or Buts. Do some research. Why should America be different. You want to enter under asylum, the UN stated it needs to be at the FIRST country you arrive at, not pass through two or three. Second if you seek a better life go through the process and background checks, do it LEGALY.

  14. Short Editorial: Joe Biden’s Response To CNN’s Recent Townhall Meeting About China’s Human Rights Genocide

    Link to clip of President of the United States, Joe Biden’s response —

    I believe that everywhere, there should be a humane standard in society that people should adhere — without this, our whole way of living would deteriorate and create a society of destruction and fear where no one could trust one another and live in peace. That’s why we have laws, rules, and regulations.

    The strongest point Joe Biden made was to call the criminal activities and corruption and human rights genocide of China as “different cultural norms”. The refusal to stand up for human rights and freedoms is an atrocity and insult to all the pro-democracy truths of God given rights and adherence to the benevolence of the world everywhere. This is absolutely wrong and corrupt. A true moral president wouldn’t allow these crimes and human rights abuses and violations continue nor passively agree to allow it to happen. Prior to this response, he affirmed that he knew China was committing atrocities and crimes against the Uighurs in Xinjiang—it’s sad that he knows yet does nothing to stand up for what is right.

    There has also been reports of Biden’s family dealings with China to make money, putting off America’s safety and interests. Through his 50+ executive orders undoing the Trump’s administration efforts, we are now seeing the Chinese influence back in our schools, economy (Wall Street, etc.), and entwined in American interests. Please don’t support these things.

    The Chinese Communistic Party (CCP) has been committing human rights genocide such as torture and live organ harvesting crimes against Falun Dafa practitioners, as well as various and continual crimes against dissidents who speak out against their corrupt regime, and other religious minorities such as the Tibetans, Uighurs, Christians. The extremely poor human rights record that China has should never be supported and allied with — wherever their control and influence expands, corruption and crimes and destruction always follow. Please sign either petition to put an end to the CCP due to their human rights genocide — OR .

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