Defunctland: The History of Coney Island

On this fiery episode of Defunctland, Kevin tells 5 tales from New York’s notorious playground of enjoyment, Coney Island. Purchase Defunctland T-Shirts: …

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25 thoughts on “Defunctland: The History of Coney Island

  1. This is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. PBS’s American Experience is also an excellent history of Coney Island. This one covers quite a bit of different material.

  2. Robert Moses was determined to demolish all the fun places and "wanted
    to turn New York into an automobile haven, with expressways everywhere."
    I wonder if he's related to Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit…

  3. I live in Brighton Beach right in the boardwalk today. Not like the grandeur of the past but still worth a visit.
    Great documentary!!!

  4. Coney Island is still a grear place to visit. Theres still Luna Park and the Cyclone (owned by the city). Ford theatre, a brewery, minor league baseball, a beach scene, the Mermaid Parade, arcades, margarita carts, the Aquarium, Dinos wonder wheel, ect

  5. All those poor animals! The human society supporting the poisoning, hanging & electrocution of an elephant? Shooting lions escaping from a fire? Human zoos?
    Coney Island in its hey-day would have been a site to see, but THANK GOD those days are over! Only to be replaced by Trumps building condos 😖

  6. What I love, absolutely love about Kevin is the quality and production he puts into his videos! It takes time to research information, and he goes above and beyond. I sense he does it for his viewers, but it is more than that. Just look at his ever changing opening intros. The time it takes to create something like that in AE is something I understand. There is passion and love that goes into this for him. I am a long time subscriber, and always look forward to experiencing the videos you produce. Thank you, Kevin for all you do my dude!!

  7. i can't tell if it's the illusion of the sped up frames of the old time film/how fast that kid was hauling ass on that wheel thing @35:53 but holy shit that looks dangerous..especially the way he spins around at the very end of the shot…can't imagine taking a boot to the side of the head the way he bumped into that other person lmao

  8. Mr. Moses sounds like a total killjoy even in these times. Geesh!! But the rides back then, tho very dangerous by today's (and those I'm sure as well), looked like a RIOT!!! Those were some tough ppl and apparently not as sue happy than ppl of today are! Loved this Documentary, well done

  9. Central Park: exists
    Everyone: It's okay but we need something to get it attention.
    makes a zoo for it
    This should work.
    2005 rolls around
    Dreamworks: You could make a movie out of this

  10. Oh my gosh the elephant. If the got her there couldn't they sedate and release her somewhere else. It was all because they didn't want to deal with her and we're careless. I hate circuses and animal shows so cruel. I do understand the plight of the times tho

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