Dead Island – Walkthrough Co-Op w/ Kootra, Sp00n, SSoH & Nova Ep.19: WTH JUST HAPPENED

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46 thoughts on “Dead Island – Walkthrough Co-Op w/ Kootra, Sp00n, SSoH & Nova Ep.19: WTH JUST HAPPENED

  1. i know this an old video but seriously, is there a single person out there who spends the skill points right when they get them, he has 2 or 3 available but will not freaking use them. really making me angry

  2. I don't understand what he meant, I know he might have meant "Specific", but I have no idea what he meant by that to the comment of " 'He had duct tape on him!' Oh the irony. XD "

  3. if they think duct tape is hard to find, they're wrong!
    last time i played Dead Island, it took almost a week to try to find ONE lemon juice for the damn Toxic Mod. Its like with all the RPGs, when you need something the most, it is extremely rare! OH THE IRONY!!

  4. While on full screen i change the quality to HD.. it freezes. I wait for it to continue while drinking some soda. In the middle of drinking it plays again and the thug comes and screams on the huge screen. Soda went everywhere,.

  5. OH man, I feel the pain. I've had horrible connection problems with this game. I love the game, don't get me wrong, but the multiplayer lobby and friends list thing is always screwed up for me.
    It never shows my friends on there and sometimes it takes 5-10 attempts to join them in a game. If it works at all.

  6. if you press y ame and target at the same time then you will have 2 of the same thing you can do it with a baseball bat

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