Dead Island Riptide Twins Trophy Achievement Guide

“Twins” Achievement Information thx for watching Lifeless Island Riptide Limitless Shotgun Ammo & Weapon Location Lifeless Island …

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32 thoughts on “Dead Island Riptide Twins Trophy Achievement Guide

  1. it's easier to get it done on xbox for some reason, but year for sure on ps3, if you didn't actually kill them both yourself… then go play the whole game to that point again lol

  2. On the 2nd playthrough i followed this video and placed mines where the twin would run out after clearing the billboard area, i had to move near the cab before he appeared but he finally showed and netted me the achievement.

  3. the second playthrough worked, for some reason when i first fought them i has a second player with me and he killed the first one but it still went 1 of 2 done on the screen but when we was on the billboard thats when it glitched on me as i dropped a mine from the billboard and somehow got the kill 10 with 1 mine achievement even though half of them was dead (aka 5dead bodies plus 5 alive bodies including the second twin) so i'm guessing the achievement some how blocked the twins achievement.

  4. UPDATE.. PS3 USERS.. I have that glitch happen to me too and so I just went on with my second playthrough and I got this trophy.. but I would recommend going to the beach first, then the second one in the building.. I climbed the ladder and I didn't even have to get the sniper.. for some reason the second one only comes if those 2 door can't be opened .. mind didnt have the prompt button icon on the doors to open them

  5. Im still trying to get this.. I don't really know if they were both active (the twins) or not.. but Im gonna keep trying I mean I have to, this is my last trophy I need

  6. had you ever got this???? I mean even with the second playthrough??? if that works I'mma do it. this is the ONLY trophy I have left.. I even deleted ALL my data for this game and just recopied a save, Imma see if that helps

  7. This would have been a better achievement if it was like Siamese twins or something.
    Fighting conjoined zombies?

  8. Im so pissed.. I killed the one that is on the beach, and the other one never comes out of that damn garage after I climb that ladder.. 1 of 2 killed lol what the fuck???

  9. I've done everything you have man, maybe a few more even! However one thing I cannot find is the Shotgun Ammo Blueprint! I don't think there even is one >_<

  10. I done that but its still not showing, ive fast traveled several times but twin number 2 won't spawn and i've pratically climbed all over the truck i'm gonna see if it spawns on my senond play through as i've not long completed the game and see if it was a glitch for the playthrough.

  11. I think for a lot of people the 2nd twin has a major glitch where he doesn't spawn, i myself can get the one on the beach to respawn but the one in the building doesn't spawn for some reason.

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