Dead Island Riptide – How to Duplicate Weapons – Exploit

Lifeless Island Riptide – How you can Duplicate Weapons – Exploit Lifeless Island Riptide Limitless Shotgun Ammo & Weapon Location Lifeless …

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29 thoughts on “Dead Island Riptide – How to Duplicate Weapons – Exploit

  1. …could have been better, more helpful if the info was NOT spoken at such a rapid pace, had to pause ,rewind etc.

  2. This has been patched but there is a bug where the boomerang upgrade causes the thrown weapon to duplicate, So far we can only get it to happen online with a mid to high ping. It's as if the ping keeps it from registering the boomerang. hope others can benefit from this.

  3. @splooshes no just either load last checkpoint/leavegameandcomeback and check your inventory there should be a weapon called fists obviously just press a and you have your fist again

  4. ya, i dont think its a big deal or anything, but when i do it, my fists disappear from the wheel. is it a problem or not a big deal?

  5. Works! But will it work for guns?
    Anyway my fists is missing from the weapon wheel!! Helpp
    Addme on PSN!::: Blurivowned_-101

  6. Thanks man! needed that! also by doing this you can sell duplicated weps ( sell the ones with higher value) and get the cash!

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