Dead Island – Part 7 – THE CATACOMBS

Lifeless Island Gameplay Walkthrough Half 7. Welcome to the start of Lifeless Island the online game. On this sequence we cowl the complete Lifeless Isnald recreation story …

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47 thoughts on “Dead Island – Part 7 – THE CATACOMBS

  1. Hey guys, sorry for not uploading so many videos like normal, Im just spending a bit more time with rebeca and my kids! Ive been having a great time, we will be back here soon with multiple daily videos.

    Thanks so much for everything as always. I hope you all have a fantastic New Years!

  2. Bro i just started watching you mid of last year. I probably done seen at least about more than 100 videos idk, but hands down you're the best YouTuber out here. Keep up the hard work. Much love and respect ✊🤙💯

  3. game brings back so many memories. i played this on ps3 and i met a guy around the church part and we played through the entire game together in two sittings. then he got offline and i never played w him again

  4. If anyone has any modded weapons on Dead Island or Dead Island Riptide add me on xbox one or drop me a message my Gamr tag is Ukkas Devil

  5. hollow is soo underrated he deserves better💯 hollow keeps up better with his youtube shit than any other big youtubers

  6. Rastafari: hey dude, I don't know where the prison is but I can take you to the lab. They experiment on shit in there. That's where the zombies come from

    Hollow: huh. I wonder if the lab is where they do experiments and if the zombies are man-made

    👁️ 👄 👁️ Big brain

  7. I like how he was wondering why there were so many zombies in the beginning, Well maybe because he was suppose to take the car?🤦🏻🤷🏻

  8. Yeah we would be fucked I thought we would survive a zombie apocalypse when I was younger but nah seeing this and how the world handles COVID we would be screwed r

  9. Great to have family time together, happy new year😀😀
    Love a long and new episode of this awsome game😀😀

  10. i know this is late but in the jungle map theres a jason voorhes easter egg if you kill him and get into his house you can get a chainsaw reference from leather face

  11. Wishing you and your family a happy new year Hollow and also to the subscribers to this channel have a safe 2021

  12. Love your videos man keep up the good work and making the greatest videos ever man hope your all well and the best way to get up to the lab is take the car that was at the base so some help for you so you dont have to run though all the zombies I've done the game a few times

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