Dead Island – Part 6 – WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

Lifeless Island Gameplay Walkthrough Half 6. Welcome to the start of Lifeless Island the online game. On this collection we cowl the complete Lifeless Isnald sport story …

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21 thoughts on “Dead Island – Part 6 – WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

  1. I've noticed, I don't think we had the option to harvest meat from the dead until Sinomi mentioned eating the dead. Very dark.

  2. Zombie killers in most media: End the zombie quick, its merciful
    Hollow: Never ending suffering for the dead, burn'em!

  3. Ima be honest I've never finished this coz to me the way the zombies sprint at you is creepy as hell and I ain't never touched that game since😂😂

  4. Love this game! Played it all the time on my Xbox 360! Definitely going to get it for the PS4!! Graphics look so amazing!!

  5. EMPTY YOUR INVENTORY SO YOU CAN PICK SHIT UP WAY EASIER. I've commented on every video and you still say "why cant I pick that up" when your inventory is "14/14" love the videos but man that hurts the soul.

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