Dead Island – Part 5 – THE POLICE STATION

Lifeless Island Gameplay Walkthrough Half 5. Welcome to the start of Lifeless Island the online game. On this sequence we cowl the complete Lifeless Isnald sport story …

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38 thoughts on “Dead Island – Part 5 – THE POLICE STATION

  1. This game is awful. Imagine just sitting on the ground, munching on intestines and minding your own business, when out of nowhere someone comes up behind you and ghetto stomps you to death! It's shameful. Zombies are people, too Hollow.

  2. Aftttter you complete a mission….. there is a reward!!!!! Take it from the person you completed the mission for!! It’s triggering me soo bad watching you miss these.. awareness my dude!

  3. Your inventory is completely full, you have to empty out all the stuff that's not in your weapon wheel so you can pick more up later. So stock your weapon wheel with all the good stuff then get rid of the garbage.

  4. Why was ACAB something you decided to put in your thumbnail? You could have not looked at that wall at all during your gameplay, but instead you highlighted it. That’s not cool.

  5. Hollow, dude, I know it's your playthrough and all, but please stop kicking every zombie till they die, mod your good weapons and use them please, the kicking gets annoying fast and it takes forever

  6. Those sounds are so scary. But this game makes my anxiety go crazy. Love it though. If it were my choice, I’d just get tf off that island by myself

  7. The guy you saved in the police station had a reward for you 🙁
    25 kicks to kill 2 zombie? Really?
    Your inventory should be filled with modded blunt weapons! Unless you want to upgrade that rusty pipe that you are still carrying around…
    And for God's sake…aim down the sight…

  8. I think its good if he play all quest mission in other content like "all quest in beach" / "all quest in the sewer" something like that…

  9. As soon as I seen "ACAB" I was like no way this was put in years ago and its taking part in society today. God help us in this society we live in. Hope all is well:)

  10. what i hate about this games is that i battle zombies alone and when cut scene come out whole team is there like how did u guys get there 😂😂

  11. What’s the point of having multiple weapons if you’re just going to kick everything? That’s a boring game style but I still enjoyed the video👍🏻 don’t be afraid to get messy

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