Dead Island: Epidemic – Gameplay First Look

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48 thoughts on “Dead Island: Epidemic – Gameplay First Look

  1. i got the game and at this time it is 12/8/2015 and it just says conecting to server pls help what do i do and what is hapening

  2. I tried Dota 2 and LOL but I found them quite boring. This one looks more interesting to me because I like Zombies and I love to be able to build and customize things outside matches

  3. This game looks suck, another MOBA clone, Zombie game WITHOUT GORE (i hope anyone agree with me), even Magicka better than this 

  4. … I hate mobas, and I hate how the next game in the franchise is a moba… well… can't be that bad right…. guess I can try it.

  5. So this game is like LOL (league of legends) but zombies are the minions but more tougher, and in order to win you have to capture flags, collect supplies dump in to the truck and GTFO!

  6. welp…there goes my attempt at playing this…its just another game where you team up with people only to get backstabbed by them when you gain allot of supplies -_-

  7. F2P Game Closed Beta Still, First game I ever tried on steam itself, Ive played alot of Nazi zombies on the ps3 back in the day but this game beats the crop of zombie games ive played in life, really enjoyable new updates coming in december as well as open beta, If your looking for a good game to take up tons of your time I suggest getting this game, i vote 8/10 as they are still working out some buggs in the game and nerfing certain characters for good reasoning itself.

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