Dead Island Ending – Part 8 – ESCAPING THE PRISON

Useless Island Ending Gameplay Walkthrough Half 8. Welcome to the start of Useless Island the online game. On this collection we cowl the complete Useless Isnald recreation …

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50 thoughts on “Dead Island Ending – Part 8 – ESCAPING THE PRISON

  1. I never finished this game because I found out that throwing your weapons is a faaaar easier way to kill enemies and whilst in the prison I threw my most powerful weapon, killed the zombie instantly as it usually does, then my weapon gets glitched into the floor and I lost it, rage quit and never went back 🤷‍♂️

  2. Hollow my man I haven't watched the video yet but you inspired me to finish the game! I tried over multiple years but couldn't do it so when I'm done I will watch (liked of course) crazy though your playing around the time deep silver teased 2 is still in development 😃👍🖖

  3. Hollow you should play dead island riptide, it’s like dead island sequel, it’s shows them sailing to the coast of CA!

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