DC on high-alert as threats expand to all 50 states ahead of Biden’s inauguration | Nightline

A supporter of President Donald Trump discusses the rising rift within the Republican Occasion after the assault on Capitol hill. Officers fear about insider assaults two …

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39 thoughts on “DC on high-alert as threats expand to all 50 states ahead of Biden’s inauguration | Nightline

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  2. Talk about Rebel without a clue…..there got to be something in these papers(too many movies search him for information) …Hahaha, Do you know how to read? at least we won't see this again unless Larry the cable or Mama June runs…

  3. Thats alright, You showed how hand in hand the Police State is with the Republican Party. Now,today History has been made,with a Democtratic Congress,Senate ans President. We will see the Repulibcan Drug War, Police State Policies be dissolved,Might as well get stoned and get it off My mind! LOL can hardly wait for Marijauna Legalization and Decriminalization of other Drugs being in favor of Treatment Options instead of Prisons for those afflicted with addiction issues!!!

  4. Damm if only people directed that energy to stop the taxation and control of lands by governments and all lands belong only to the people . so if the people choose to live away from the strings of society they can do so freely

  5. I want trump to be proven guilty but I just don't see 17 Republicans voted against him,I do think trump would have a chance in 2024 unless Biden really does a hell of a good job trump has huge supporters and hes got 4 years to work on them,I didn't think he'd get elected the 1st time anything is possible, the 2 sides gotta try and come together on some things or we're more screwed than we already are, I just don't understand why they wouldn't want to make are country better especially after this last year, it seems like nothing ever gets accomplished because both sides have to be right and don't want to compromise

  6. Jesus scriptures are in a vault a bunker under the white house if anyone can get word to these people to post pictures of it online. There would be no pope or bible these scriptures would be a direct conection to god

  7. 1984 is coming and all you God fearing CONSTITUTION loving citizens will now be counted as terrorists thanks to these idiots. Trump didn't say use force or violence he said Use your strength. This is for my fellow Republicans the minute we act like BLM OR ANTIFA WE LOOSE.

  8. No pardon for these losers. Police should try treating them like peaceful BLM foresters and just open fire.

  9. you guys are a bunch of fear mongers. You guys gonna start reporting on Antifa violence like this? Cuz for me people getting beat and murdered is more important then a fucking building, And the lives of our represenitives are not more important then ours.

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