Day 3 of former President Donald Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial

ABC Information’ correspondents Jonathan Karl, Dan Abrams, Kate Shaw and extra share their ideas on the third day of shows for the impeachment trial.

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32 thoughts on “Day 3 of former President Donald Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial

  1. How does it feel to pick the wrong lame donkey's or elephant's to run with accompanied with the bias, truth spinning and lying media outlets with lame staff. Proud working Americans know who you are and we are the winning team always@unity.orgZacv

  2. Ha ha ha. You have to report TRUMP wins again. Stop Giving your view point!!!! Give the news. I left you and won’t listen again.

  3. Georgy's ready to spout some ABC opinions here. He and Karl and Radatz always have gobs of their unproven crap to spew. Make sure to tune them in Sunday am while they opine on their sch*t.

  4. Wonderful President Trump was acquitted again. Thank you for justice, Lord.
    Time for the satanic ABC News to be impeached by Americans! You guys will be gone soon. March 4th 2021…
    Your YouTube crime partner gave you a lot of thumbs up…yea we believe you. Devil 👿 is going down…hahaha. Thanks dear Jesus Christ. I knew this was coming!! Love to all truth seekers on earth!!

  5. Censorship guy…you didn’t like to hear the truth. Did you, fool?
    God will give you the justice you deserve soon. Now go on and delete my post again. I don’t even think that my prayers will bring you out of darkness at this point. You are too dark, pure dark energy!!!

  6. Damn these people are evil to the core
    The country is suffering and they are pursuing a man that they frauded out of office. Un F**cking real

  7. Glad to see TDS is still epidemic among msm. Trump really did a number on their heads. Nancy and Chuck strike out again. What a joke.

  8. ABC vote for Democrats campaign is an embarrassment to real news! They love to make things up. Hear say is not admissible in a court of law! Trump did not incite violence, if he did you would have seen ALL ONE MILLION people storm the capital. I watched it from beginning to the
    end. I watched, ABC, MSNBC, and all the other VOTE FOR LYING DEMOCRATS MEDIA, take everything out of context as they always do.

  9. When this impeachment back fires and AGAIN Trump did no wrong, I promise I will be here for you to cry on my shoulders and give out crayons and coloring books.

  10. I found the images shown by the prosecutors shocking. of course, it had long been clear to everyone that Trump has called on his followers to help him in any way. In and sad that the republicans still support Trump today. The man of lies, fraud and filial or is the calculating denial of his loss. It is certain that Trump has led entire tribes to believe his lies in an alternate fictional truth. That's his legacy. By covering everything up and going along with Trump's lies, the Republican Party has shot itself in the foot. the young cuckoo tries to push the others out of the nest and now they don't know anymore. They need him to keep his Republican supporters but are getting seriously compromised in Trump's lie web. intervened too late now forever connected. sad. Trump will therefore not be impeached, however justified that might be!!

  11. FINALLY! Something to tune into the Impunchment Party Bowl for a good swig of utter hypocrisy… It’s like the Democrat Party doesn’t even know there is such a thing as an “internet” and – even when their Big Tech Apparatchiks try to CONTROL ALL content – there’s something called “backup servers” that document partisan politicos at their “best” 😂😅🤣

    Kinda makes one understand why the Mefia tires to cover up the Democrat Party riots by calling the 89 people killed, over 2,000 police officers injured, 600 builders burned and hundreds of small businesses in Democrat Party Urban Hell Holes closed and thousands now unemployed “mostly peaceful protests” but Hey! Those were just americans NOT THE POLITICIANS that were hurt by partisan politics so… who cares???

  12. Those Republican politicians believe a big lies through the video presentations by managers are conspirators to convect President Trump's.

  13. Flash NBC coverage is biased but that's why Trump haters are NBC fans. Impeach Biden for impersonating a president. Whats gonna happen again is the democrats are gonna lose the house and senate and then get a taste of impeachment themselves. Trump has exposed the democrats to the American people who will remember all this BS at midterms too bad for those whose term is up this go around. What goes around comes around!

  14.  "Americans have never been more divided, and we’re ripe for a breakup. The bitter partisan animosities, the legislative gridlock, the growing acceptance of violence in the name of political virtue ― it all invites us to think that we’d be happier were we two different countries".   ,

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