Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ dies of COVID-19

Daybreak Wells, who starred as girl-next-door Mary Ann within the 1960s hit TV present “Gilligan’s Island,” died of issues from COVID-19. She was 82. SUBSCRIBE …

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32 thoughts on “Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ dies of COVID-19

  1. I think its digusting that you people use celebrity deaths to fearmonger this virus. The over all death rate has not increased. The virus didn't kill her whatever underlining health issue that kept her from fightinging of the virus did. And whats more you know it and continue lying.

  2. The CDC recommends you safeguard yourself and others by taking the following precautions: cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough; wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth; If you’re sick, avoid contact with others so that you don’t spread the infection. More than 150,000 people die every day. The leading cause of death isn’t a virus. It isn’t old age. It is sin. The Bible says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 6:23). Sin is the violation of God’s law. God has written His law on your heart. Being created in the image of God, you know it is wrong to lie, steal, take God's name in vain, or hate another human being. Because God is good, He must punish sin. The punishment He has determined for sin is eternity in Hell. God has provided only one way for you to escape His wrath and receive His forgiveness. Your only hope is for Jesus to save you from the wrath of God. God the Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth. He voluntarily shed his innocent blood and died on the cross, taking upon Himself the punishment sinners who would believe in Him rightly deserve for their sins against God. Three days later, He defeated sin and death when He rose from the grave. Repent and believe the gospel while God has given you time.

  3. Уважаемые дамы и господа !! Я желаю вам счастливого нового года! Скоро новый год! Наступает новая ЭРА! все беды позади !, Пусть хорошее настроение никогда не покидает Вас! Удачи вам, удачи нам !, всем удачи ….. Я вас всех люблю …. С поклоном, Геннадий. Дорогие! Я из России, сибиряк … Позиционирую себя: ИЗОБРЕТАТЕЛЬ! … Мое ноу-хау !, (Роторно-конвейерный тип отбора мощности) позволит получать энергию из речного потока без каких-либо специальных гидротехнических сооружений. Без угля, газа или нефти … круглый год- экологический.
    Показать полностью …

  4. Sorry, not buying she died of covid. I can not trust anything you people in the media say. you have lied so much you can never ever be believed again.

  5. Dawn was the only celebrity I actually cried tears for. I told my husband by just Mary Ann, and he knew immediately who I was talking about. He told me she was the reason he watched Gilligan's Island in the first place. I know our lives were blessed by her being in our lives even though it was only via a television set. RIP Dawn.

  6. Thank you Mary Ann Dawn… "O my God, Thy Trust hath been returned unto Thee. It behooveth Thy grace and Thy bounty that have compassed Thy dominions on earth and in heaven, to vouchsafe unto Thy newly welcomed one Thy gifts and Thy bestowals,.." ~ Baha'i Prayer

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