Dawn Wells, Gilligan's Island Star, Dead at 82 | THR News

Daybreak Wells, the girl-next-door actress and former magnificence queen who performed the candy Mary Ann Summers on the enduring CBS sitcom ‘Gilligan’s Island’, died …

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49 thoughts on “Dawn Wells, Gilligan's Island Star, Dead at 82 | THR News

  1. It’s time for everything being blamed on COVID-19 to stop. She was 82. She probably was not in the best of health anyway. So once you get that strain of the flu, you probably won’t recover, especially if you use the medical mafia’s drugs!

  2. CNN has her dying of covid 19 as well as everyone else with health problems, wish someone would shut them up. RIP Maryann

  3. It was not long ago that I was in arms length of this lovely woman. I was waiting for an elderly woman to stop talking to her but I had to go before it happened. Bummed out about this. Even at her present age Dawn was an enchanting woman. My imaginary island, my refuge from this jungle, just won't be the same without her. Will be SORELY missed !!!

  4. Jesus is the Only Way, the Truth and the Life! Romans 10:9-10 KJV tells how to get saved! Rapture of the Church is imminent!!!

  5. Dawn was so Beautiful, No one else could have played her part on Gilligan's Island. She made thousands of teenage boys rush to the T.V to watch, One of a Kind.

  6. 10th Legion : She was the only cast member who made sure she got paid for the syndicated re runs , it was in her contract .
    I wrote a song about her years ago , " I use to rock You " , every night in my dreams ! Still remembered !

  7. We sent the script ONTARIO ROSE to Dawn Wells in 2004 and she liked it enough to personally contact us in Virginia with her private cell phone number. She even wanted to Direct should it become a movie. She would have played the twin sister to William Shatner. Character names Celeste Montgomery and Scott Montgomery. It was about an extraterrestrial born on Earth in 1947. His mother came to Earth on the crashed flying saucer at Roswell. Dawn was trying to get Sherwood Schwartz to produce it. Celeste was Mary Ann Summers. We, the screenwriters found Dawn Wells to be as sweet, kind and wholesome as Mary Ann of Gilligan's Island. With Dawn's death so dies Ontario Rose🌹 REST IN PEACE SWEET LADY

  8. The truly great actors know how to leave a little bit of themselves in every character, so their audience can connect to a part of the real person who brings life to the character.

  9. Something really wrong with an industry that would allow a beloved television icon known throughout the world over to die penniless.

  10. Such a beautiful lady, she will be missed. I loved all the characters/actors. Dawn extra special, you could tell she was a beautiful person inside as well as outside 😊❤️🙏

  11. The Dawn Wells estate should launch a class action lawsuit against the Chinese government as well as the rest of the victim's who perished thanks to China.

  12. 0:11 – * cringe *

    How bout just saying… "Tina Louise is now the only surviving member of the regular cast."
    Accurate statements are not that difficult.

  13. Although she didn't get paid squat for her stint on GI, she continued to perform in the dinner club circuit in Florida for many years after that, capitalizing on her fame. RIP

  14. How is it an actress of 50 years and a SAG member with insurance for 50 years ends up with a Go Fund Me page for medical bills?!?😱

  15. The professor could have cured all this Covid nonsense. She was my first true love… but she didn't know it. Will think fondly of you always.

  16. Why is every death put down to Covid for goodness sake the lady was, 82 and may have had underlying health problens Five me break

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