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47 thoughts on “David Gilmour in Royal Albert Hall – On and Island

  1. If David Gilmour is not enough for you….how about David Crosby and Graham Nash to give you harmony …. how great is that…??!!!! This is clearly one of the best songs from him and his band live …..not to mention the guests threw out the album or the ones that joined live……..excellent in sooo many ways….. 

  2. 233.000 views for david and miley cyrus got over 10 times that much. What world are we living in?
    Genious music vom genious musicians will last 10 times as long, though!
    Dreamers may leave, but they're here everafter…

  3. ever heard of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? The old granddaddies are Crosby and Nash. But they are ver small compared to Gillmore. But still great

  4. Too bad jesus isn't real and christianity is only another sect with the difference that it's better known and that there are far too many narrow minded people who believe in it.
    The biggest thing you can achieve in this life is not to find some weird god who watches you masturbate, it's finding yourself.
    David Gilmour did just that and look at him smile.
    I don't mean this in a gay way but his smile is one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen.

  5. i thought you met him when you die, and I have no intention of dying anytime soon. Plus he´s gotta have something better to do than hanging around me telling me what to do.

  6. Pink Floyd speaks to my soul more everyday…as you get older you relate more to their music…so deep, sentimental…beautiful

  7. Remember that night, white stairs in the moonlight
    They walked here too, through empty playground, this ghosts town
    Children again on rusty swings getting higher
    Sharing a dream on an island it felt right

    We lay side by side between the moon and the tide
    Mapping the stars for awhile

    Let the night surround you
    We're halfway to the stars
    Ebb and flow, let it go
    Feel the warmth beside you

  8. It always fascinates me how one person can move so many other people. It must truly be the greatest gift of all, to make music. To bring so much happiness into other people's hearts.

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