Dana White On Lightweight Title | UFC Fight Island | Anthony Joshua | Morning Kombat Ep. 103

On the latest MK, Luke and Brian are again to speak all issues fight sports activities together with the information that the UFC could have restricted attendance at UFC Struggle Island …

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23 thoughts on “Dana White On Lightweight Title | UFC Fight Island | Anthony Joshua | Morning Kombat Ep. 103

  1. Paige VanZant can make money other places she will not win a title in any organization so she in fact is trying to prove a point either to us or to herself but I think I speak for all when I say, "WHO CARES!"

  2. i think khabib is acting like having that sliver of chance that he may come back simply so that conor cant fight for the belt

  3. I know you didn't call those people VERMIN. Don't be calling people vermin man, not fucking cool. I will be calling CBS and informing them if your incitement of violence

  4. I will never forget that week of March during the zhang vs joanna fight.. i was on vacation in New York City.. i remember i was watching the Khabib vs. Toney press conference in the hotel room with my wife and we were so excited.. then like two days later the city went from booming with people too barely anyone out.. it was like the universe went upside down..
    It felt really humbling standing in the empty streets of time square tho.. very surreal experience..

    God bless

  5. For real, BC had to question why GSP left?! He was beat fair and square, well to Luke roided up Hendricks was fair. He never did pop for that fight. 🤷‍♂️ I think GSP lost the fight, but glad he didn't lose the belt to Hendricks cus I think he was on roids and Hendricks ended up winning it anyway and then being a huge bust as "champ" even though I was a fan. Between the amount of damage he sustained that one fight from Hendricks, iirc it was more than his whole career combined. Between him being figured out (by Hendricks) or at the very least, someone who could match his wrestling and strike well, his age and he already did everything, I think he saw the writing on the wall. One of the few champs who went out on top in mma.

  6. Luke is always so sour during dead wrong ☠️ he claims he’s about that life but as soon as he gets called on his shit he has a sook!! 😹😹

  7. PVG might love fighting but it sure doesn't love her.

    I'm always blown away with how well she built her brand and became so successful so young.

    I'm also amazed it worked with her pitchy, nasaly voice.

  8. dont think that PVZ fight does well, do people really care? I think she does this for two years or until her contract is up and then ends up back in mma in Bellator with her husband.

  9. im scottish but dont judge the english by londoners they are notoriously rude, my least favourite city in england

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