cya guanabana 🌸 final tour around my island

gonna be restarting in the present day! at 10am/pst (3hrs): twitch twitch twitch …

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32 thoughts on “cya guanabana 🌸 final tour around my island

  1. Restarting your island is HUGE! Can’t wait to see how the new theme turns out. I hope you keep Peanut. Lol. 🐿 Just go at your own pace and don’t burn yourself out. We all support you here. Best of luck to ya!!

  2. Restarting is hard, I did so about a month ago and sometimes have regrets with things that I wont ever get back. Trying really hard to make the new Island the complete opposite.

  3. I remember watching the first episode and I didn't have animal Crossing and I got it in May and played with Nico WE WILL MISS U GUANABANA!!!!

  4. I dont have the twitch app and my mom wont let me get it and ive been waiting for a month for more content from you. Im just really sad that i wont be able to see you restart your island and im also sad because I havent seen you do anything that you do on twitch. Im really missing you and YOU NEED TO POST MORE ON YOUTUBE!! I think that this is unfair to some of the subscribers that they cant see the twitch lives. So can you pls post more on youtube because I want to see you keep going on your island. Thanks if you do if not im sorry but I will mostlikly unsubscribe or not watch your videos anymore. Sorry to dissapoint you but i want more stuff on youtube.

  5. almonds
    lmaoooo i cried actual tears watching this 😔💕💕 but anyways!! thank u guanabana, thank u sm nico for allowing us to come on this journey with you :,))

    this really made me happier on so many empty days and im so excited to see ur new content and to keep supporting u :))💕

  6. Hello :3 sooooo
    First a bought a used netwndo switch and animal crossing was there but I didn't pick my name or the island name or the places of the houses even my house or the island or the animal in there or the fruit or anything and I didn't know how to restart and i I thought i can't actually restart and with your live yesterday i finally now how but it's been like a month or two in my used island and i really wanna restart but i really like the the design i did on the island and some stuff and some animals but not all of them but there are some of them that i really dont want to lose so I really don't know what to do i cant pick do I restart or not I feel like I don't want to restart until I am bored of the Island I have now but I am thinking that I just started and its better if i restart before I really work hard on this Island and do a lot of stuff and take a long time and hard work and a lot of money and then restart so I really don't know what to do what do you think I should do?

  7. I’m so sad this is over tho I can’t wait to see more than you! I’ve been sticking around since Mars, I can just remember the first time we saw Sylvia and Cody and starting the new island. Thank you for this journey through quarantine, Nicole. I enjoyed every moment🧸

  8. Omg I’ve been following you and guanabana since day one! I remember always being excited whenever you posted, because I would watch your videos secretly in my first period of online class (shhh don’t tell anyone). Your videos made my quarantine mornings a little better! Thank you!

  9. I loved seeing you do all the progress in guanabana it was a joy to see, and now, we get to see you redo your island! I'm so happy for you and I know you'll make a beautiful island when you restart! Stay safe!🤗👍❤

  10. Omggg I'm so excited to start the new islaaaand!!! I thought you were gonna stop animal crossing videos aaaaaah so excited 🤣

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