Cutlass Sword Review + How to Get Skulls Fast in Roblox Islands

Exhibiting you every little thing it’s essential know concerning the new Cutlass Weapon in Roblox Islands, find out how to get it, harm comparisons to different melee weapons within the …

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31 thoughts on “Cutlass Sword Review + How to Get Skulls Fast in Roblox Islands

  1. Me: I already have 12 Cutlass swords.
    DV: let me show you how to get the Cutlass sword.
    Also Me: I grind/farm kills on myself using alt's. Sooooo much faster!!
    Also DV: finally gets his 1st sword😝😝😝

    (Same analogy applies to Christmas season. I had all the Santa items already, by the time DV only had his snowglobe)

  2. Dv plays the game Dv brings out his cactus sword thing, but the cactus thing is half cake, dv doesnt notice and keeps talking

  3. I need to get one more quest to but i have to wait till tommoro and guess what i made it just in time cuz i did all my quest and it said 1 MOR HOUR LEFT insted of 24 and my brother is helping me do it

  4. Hey dv I was wondering if you would want to see my island it would mean the world to me and my code is HL1NE tysm if you saw this form chase.

  5. DV please help me I love islands I was playing yesterday and my screen zoomed in and I cant zoom out and it only dose that on my acount and its so hard to play D:

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