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19 thoughts on “Curse Of Oak Island – Lost and Founding – New (January 8 2021) HD

  1. Are you sure the producers aren't of Chinese descent because saying it's new is not correct and is lying just like the CCP sweeping up The cutting room floor from years ago and throwing it together to call it new is a crime you need to say it's a recap or old then we'll watch it but saying it's new and it's not being new will cause us to stop watching

  2. Kill the flood tunnel I think the treasure was taken spend more millions find the flood tunnel block off and dig pit but no another waste of money

  3. The "tree" is Nimrod's phallic symbol, popular among templars and Mason's who worship him. Charles Barkhouse should know this, he's a Mason.

  4. Called the money pit due to the money they are throwing into it not taking out . But still a good mystery hope the cash done run out .

  5. Why does the show keep jumping from one scene to another while the narrator is talking about the other scene? It's like somebody recorded the show and the audio is a little off.

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