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17 thoughts on “Curse Of Oak Island -Fingers Made of Stone – New (January 5 2021) HD

  1. You're recording stuff off a cable and putting it on YouTube so you can make money the sound sounds very bad the where you can barely hear it and the picture is backwards so quit trying to make money off of them you are nothing but a copycat

  2. What a way to burn up a lot of money…Yes we do watch…However also no…oak island money pit…was a fresh water well..its finger drains..ex…was to bring salt water into the push up the fresh its tunnel..or well shaft..-money pit..the layers in the money pit and its stone was to cap off the well…so no one fell into it…ex…sam ball already cashed in on any treasure found on the island years ogo…and were above ground…Templars never ever kept any treasure in one place…ever..kept it moving…so no one would find it

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