Crysis Monkey Island 2 – Trailer (HD)

The Cryengine Monkey Island 2 could be accessible for obtain within the close to future. Keep tuned! All you may want is a replica of CRYSIS and/or CRYSIS : WARHEAD.

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43 thoughts on “Crysis Monkey Island 2 – Trailer (HD)

  1. I know this is a hell of a lot to ask but if anyone knows how to use this engine to make a 3d rocket knight adventures game I'd be well bloody happy and telltale should remake monkey island with this.

  2. It all went because everyone thinks we all want some triple a bullshit hollywood blockbuster over a real game, music is half assed and rushed because of it, the game isn't very memorable and the whole thing feels tacked on not to mention quick time events, some companies still care but not a lot today and you're right it is sad all this tech and it's not being used right at all anymore, when game companies had limited resources they made brilliant great memorable games they need to go back.

  3. What about Little Big Planet, Stacking, Ratchet & Clank, Rayman Origins, El Shaddai, Journey, Viva Pinata, Team Fortress 2, and Portal? The artistic direction in those games combined with the gaming technology of today makes me believe that modern games are still full of innovative sparks.

  4. Wow, seeing this reaffirms my belief that modern games are going the wrong direction. This has *great* atmosphere, a great setting, a great feeling … and completely blows pseudo-realistic games like BF/MW out of the water. You know what? I miss Monkey Island. I miss Crash Bandicoot. I miss Spyro. I miss Banjo Kazooie. I miss developers having fun with their settings in creative, colourful new worlds we haven't seen before. Where did that innovative spark go?

  5. @club4ghz It was linked to by the website "Rock Paper Shotgun" as some kind of joke. In the article, they were trying to pass it off as a series reboot for Monkey Island. Trolololol.

  6. Great. I wish LucasArts had as much love for the Monkey Island games as the creator of this. Long live Guybrush, mighty pirate. 🙂

  7. Listen Lukas Arts ! DO … THIS … !

    Omg, even nowadays spoiled 3d ego shooter kids might like this. Actually i have to admit this is even far better done than the comic graphics of MI4 and 5. That went far beyond good even for someone like me who loved the oldies.

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