CREATING A 1 Chunk SPACE Island In Minecraft

Come play with me on SpaceDelta in the present day! IP: spacedelta.web Use model 1.8-1.16 (1.15.2 really useful) Go to the shop and use my code “Jerry” for an extra …

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34 thoughts on “CREATING A 1 Chunk SPACE Island In Minecraft

  1. Lol i bought Java earlier this week and started playing on this server. Also the Writer, Extensy, that killed cap and Steve is an absolute bro

  2. Man first the PACK and team crafted, then the Nice Posture Crew, then Andrew and Austin and Dasha, now Matt, well hope they have good luck on what they are venturing off to next.

  3. When you going to get a job… your times came and went bud, it’s like watching a old dying dog just dragging his legs..

  4. Day 5 of asking Jerome to play Minecraft with out mods and kill the ender dragon
    Day 1 of asking Jerome to play raft again

  5. examples of how streamers/video creators ruin a MP server, & completely unbalance any server economy. It's almost as if it's made easier for these people so they can 'breeze' through all kinds of stuff, making it seem easier than it should be, and devaluing actual hardwork being done by the creators with integrity.

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