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30 thoughts on “Crabfu on Discovery Channel 2008

  1. MAN, you're good. So good to see a fellow artist and animator thrive at other areas! I love your robots! My wife also fiddles with robotics, but MUCH simpler than those…

  2. ah, this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to study mechanical engineering but I also love drawing…my mom convinced me to study publicity…I think I might change my mind again. I really love these sort of stuff.

    You're a genius.

  3. @ScrewAttackChina I find it natural to solve problems on a visual level, but hard when I can't visualize it. Math wise, I got by as far as calc3, but I'm not naturally good at it. I understood the process of how to solve math problems enough to take tests, but didn't get enough of what I was learning was used for at a high level. I found myself needing to study more than many of my classmates, and decided that there has to be something else that I'm more of a natural at 🙂

  4. @crabfu Well, while some people are in a class room listening to lectures and practicing theory (hoping to get a job in the rat race after graduation), people like you are creating awesome art and making a living doing what you love. That's awesome.

    Anyway, I just now found your page because I was checking out some stylus options for my ipad. I'm going to check out your sketches when I get some time.. Very impressive. Have you ever thought about doing sketching tip videos? Like tutorials?

  5. @thacrackfox the fact that your about to graduate with an engineering degree means you are no where near dumb. Believe me, I DID apply myself when studying engineering, but learned that I was not good at it like many of my classmates. We all are good and bad at something, just took me a while to figure out what my strength and weaknesses. Congrats on your studies.

  6. Dude, I'm about to graduate engineering school, and watching this makes me dumb. He probably just didn't apply himself.

  7. you are a genius..period.

    how good are you at math?… i am extremely good at computers but i suck at math—I wonder whether your intelligence correlates to your mathematical intellegence….

  8. Sir, thank you for your contribution to the species. Machines like this unlock human potential for they are humanity's appendages, outgrowths of himself, as man absorbes and distributes minerals within his own organism, so does he within the super-organism.

    Again, thanks for your contibutions to the evolution of man.

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