Covid-19: 'Now is the moment', Boris Johnson's vaccine plea 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

Prime Minister Boris Johnson leads right this moment’s Downing Avenue press briefing, alongside the UK’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance. Watch the following briefing …

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50 thoughts on “Covid-19: 'Now is the moment', Boris Johnson's vaccine plea 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

  1. British big fat lie. No one seen this virus yet. Cant make vac unless seen and separate and test. SO WHAT IN VAC SLEEPY HAIR.

  2. The devaluation of the US dollar may only reflect the fact that as the real rate of return of US dollar securities or the inflation adjusted rate of return is zero, or even negative, that is to say, the US Federal Reserve has put us $5 trillion into the market in excess of the delivered currency, diluting the market rate of return! What's more, the US may issue US $5 trillion more this year, making the market rate of return discount again!

  3. In the world there are only 50 countries vac,cinating their population out of a total of 180 countries. So we have 130 countries that are Mise,rable that have no vacc,ine and are in tremendous poverty and the population is dying without medicine and science being able to do anything for them. Please you rich countries in Europe when you cure your coronavi,rus population could you please help Africa that is in tremendous poverty without vac,cine? 🙏🙏🙏Please help! Your country is rich and the countries of Europe are rich please be charitable help the poor countries that don't have a vac,cine!

  4. Hi I'm Jeevan fr Malaysia.
    My sharing is about coronovirus is it really infection by sick people or by some (medicine). Why world death graft showing lower past 3 years.

    Why Boy from UK who coma past 9 month got 2time infection Covid.
    My question is the family or nurse not got any infection how?

    Why !! My prediction is some medicine tablets or some common deases medicine got covid virus. Pls check this🙏

  5. After helping the people of England by fighting the coronav,irus with the vac,cine.😥😥😥 Could you help Africa that has many poor countries that don't have the vac,cine?

  6. 😣😥🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Por favor vocês depois de aplicar a injeção na população da Inglaterra para combater o coronavírus vocês poderiam ajudar junto com o Brasil fazendo vacinas a preço de custo para mandar para a África para os países pobres e Miseráveis da África como Angola, Moçambique, Nigéria ,Somália e outros países que estão na miséria e que não tem condição de produzir ou comprar vacina. Vocês Ingleses junto com o Brasil podem ajudar mandando vacina para eles os africanos no futuro?

  7. Dear friends, many International Treaties grant privileges and immunities to a certain group of high-ranking officials:
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    4. The Vienna Convention on the Representation of States and their Relations with International Organizations of a Universal Character
    6. General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe
    7. UN Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of Specialized Organizations of 1947
    8. Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the European Communities
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  8. Johnson's an absolute Clown. DON'T HAVE THE VACCINE. I'd urge anyone to NOT take the drug. We are in a Police State now. The weakest coward we have in our country. A natural born Clown but NOT a natural leader. The progress has only been made by the public and under force and threats of death through fear, lies about the NHS and propaganda.

  9. We won't force anyone to have the vaccine BUT IF you don't have it we will be on Lockdown for a long time. We all know we will anyway so I'd urge anyone that doesn't ACTUALLY NEED IT TO NOT HAVE THE VACCINE. Do NOT bend to this Clown.

  10. In examining the data provided by a television broadcast of some time ago conducted by the journalist Formigli, on "La 7", I saw something in a graph that contrasts with the official narrative provided by public institutions and the press throughout the world on handling the Covid-19 epidemic.

    In the graph, many countries were compared in terms of deaths from Covid for million inhabitants, including two neighboring countries, namely Brazil and Argentina. As you know, Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, was harshly criticized for refusing to subject the population to lockdowns and other restrictive measures to fight the virus, contrary to what did instead Fernandez, President of Argentina, who, in addition to an eight-month lockdown, has imposed restrictions and impositions of all kinds on the population, with serious consequences for the economy of that country. The comparison that emerges from the graph is therefore surprising:

    1) Brazil – Covid deaths per million inhabitants = 786

    2) Argentina – Covid deaths per million inhabitants = 801

    First of all, I note that the data contrasts with what was disseminated by the media around the world, namely the thousands of deaths that were attributed to Bolsonaro for not having adopted the anticovid measures advocated by the more "advanced" countries against the virus, which instead in the graph, they appear even lower than those of a neighboring country like Argentina, which had instead adopted all the restrictive anticovid measures. So, according to this graph, published by a television channel notoriously favorable to anticovid measures, restrictions and lockdowns are not useful tools to prevent the spread of the disease and save people's lives.

    Doubt arises that the question concerns exclusively the serious insufficiency of the health systems in dealing with this epidemic, and that all the restrictive measures imposed on populations all over the world have served and will only serve to destroy the social and economic fabric of the various countries.

  11. So, Coronovirus is serious — in which case, why was Cornwall open throughout the last summer for tourism and why now, the planned G7 summit at Carbis Bay in Cornwall in June? A peninsula with just one main hospital … Talking of tourism — great idea to give every one of your chums with holiday homes here a bung of £9,000 each, particularly when they continued to take bookings 👏👏👏

  12. We all need to make a stand to show the government that we are indeed coming out of lockdown! We have the ability to make sensible decisions for our friends, colleagues, customers and loved ones. The government must end forthwith the cruel inhumane policies as well as the anti-democratic politics! We have had Enough of it!!

  13. Mass psychosis fostered by technology and social media. Enough of this bs. We brits have proven ourselves to be some of the most spineless and sedated people in the world. If much ruin comes our way, we deserve it, we’ve courted its possibility for long enough.

  14. The vaccine gives us immunity from Covid but it must also give us permanent immunity from Covid-related lockdowns and restrictions'.

  15. (13/2/2021) 美國 vs 沙地阿拉伯

    (1) 美國的人口是3.28億,沙地阿拉伯的人口是0.34億,美國大概是沙特的10倍。

    (2) 執筆之時,美國的新冠肺炎確診人數是2,760萬,而沙特的確診人數是37.2萬,美國大概是沙特的74倍。

    (3) 美國的確診死亡人數是48.4萬,而沙特的確診死亡人數是6,429人,美國大概是沙特的75倍。




    老光頭的口罩珍藏 (2)

  16. There are huge irregularities with the likes/dislikes ratio on the video, compared to the comments below! I've noticed that on a lot of videos lately supporting lockdown agendas! Someone is clearly up to something! I'm sure I am not the only one who has noticed it!

  17. Youtube are now censoring links to the VAERS website TRY THIS… Go to VAERS, get the website address then try to put it on any YT video as a comment..
    It won't happen… come on people

  18. It's so easy to talk jargon that people dont understand, talk fast, used long words and stammer alot. Mess up the hair so people concentrate on balloon hair rather than the stammering..

  19. Vaccine- new technology. Experiment mixing mRNA with DNA. Those having the vaccine are just Guinea pigs. GMO has been used in plants, food and animals and now they are using it on human beings. This is wrong, people haven't even been asked to participate, they just walk in blindly thinking they are really receiving a vaccine to protect them from covid. It's all wrong. No wonder they're pushing the vaccine so desperately.


  21. Doris, you are full of shit! I've seen the tragic statistics of deaths having had the vaccine! It's not a vaccine, it's nanoparticles getting people merging with AI (if they survive). You and your cronies will be held accountable for crimes against humanity. The UK government and the monarchy are illegal and have no right to tell the people what to do! The Bank of England is bankrupt! We awoke know what Trump did! He made you, the Vatican, Saudi Arabia etc capitulate because he and his administration had all the evidence on the evil beyond evil you have all been involved in! YOU ARE ALL EVIL BEYOND EVIL AND YOUR TIME IS COMING … YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR EVIL CRIMES!

  22. the number of deaths has to be divided by two —- people having covid – dying of other diseases – are counted just like covid deaths – many people have discovered that – in italy too – why they do this counting i don't know – nobody says nothing about pcr tests not being reliable – Dr. Sam Bailey from New Zealand has analyzed all this


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