Covid-19: Captain Sir Tom Moore in hospital with coronavirus 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

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50 thoughts on “Covid-19: Captain Sir Tom Moore in hospital with coronavirus 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

  1. The Church of England, that Christian organisation of peace and love and forgiveness, well…

    Clergyman Jarel Robinson-Brown said of Tom Moore's death that..

    "..the cult of Captain Tom is the cult of white British nationalism…'

    This Reverend supports and 'Gay Theology' and race and gender issues. He's very concerned about those topics, but he said he would not clap for a dead white man, because when a white man dies in a majority white country and people feel Christian sorrow at his passing – well this is cultism apparently.

  2. I wasn’t allowed to see my dad when he died july 2nd…im sorry tom moore has died of pneumonia but they will market this as another hero worship tool and covid 19 death certificate figure like 96% of the 100,000 they claim to have died… this whole thing is sick and twisted…

  3. Fauci mask Depopulation Cover your Primary Airway with a Mask. Results: The Restriction of Oxygen into the Blood, will damage, all Vital Organs, by lack of Oxygen – Poisonus spent Air will be trapped in the blood – even the brain and Organs, needs oxygen.
    Air flow level! % Reduction Oxygen intake into the blood & organs, brain? Restricton of normal human activity, sports restrictions, how it effects existing breathing problem
    Mask is a killing device ?
    If everyone had the brains and guts too refuse –
    He would be found out as a lying gutless wimp, "he is the Health Risk".

    If we don't March by the Tens of thousands, we will Have No Human Rights. Under Fassist State laws, Slaves in 6 months.

  4. I am confused why Tom's family were allowed to carry out many hospital visits going against the Covid rules. Many families who have lost loved ones to Covid were denied that privilege. This clearly shows the divide between the have's and have not's that exists in the UK. Had Tom not been part of the establishment then things would of been different. The elderly Indian guy from the Midlands who raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the NHS at the same time as Tom was quickly forgot about.

  5. Heard Tom speak on the radio for the first time yesterday and he sounded like a lovely old guy, humble and with good intentions.

    Now, this is my issue. Even when a heart warming story like this occurs in 2020/21, it can't just be left at that. It's taken by the media and distorted into some political weapon that can be rammed down your throat 24 hours per day! It's used by the likes of Piers, Suzanne, Holly and Phillip to imply that they have higher morale standards than anyone with who they disagree and twisted into disrespect for Tom if you do. All while they blatantly faking empathy for this old guy.

    Worse still. Nobody seems to see it. Only in 2020/21 is it not only acceptable, but required, for people to "grieve" his death. Surely the passing of this old man is an incredibly private thing which has happened to his family, friends and neighbours and people who actually knew him. The grief belongs to them and it knocks me quite sick reading through these comments, that so many of you want in on the action. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN TO YOU.

    I've as much respect as I can have for Tom, given that I don't actually know him. One of the things I respect the most is that he holiday'd in Barbados during the pandemic. I can only assume at 100 years old he figured 'life is for living'. Sadly I doubt he will be allowed that legacy. The media will define a new one for him 'life is for doing as you're told otherwise you are responsible for killing the elderly'.

    One final point. Despite the handlines saying he died following a batlle with covid, he had actually been suffering with pneumonia for sime time and only close to his death tested positive for covid-19. If a man of 100 is suffering pneumonia for 'some time', the outlook is rarely good with or without covid.

  6. sad news he died. but of extended age, frailty & pneumonia. oh & skin & one other cancer diagnosis mainstream media completely neglecting to mention. dont insult his memory with the covid drivel to bolster your fear pron proagnada.. thats just sick.

  7. I wish people wouldn't say we all wish him well…. we all send our best!!!!. Nobody asked me what i think. So it's not all now isit!!!!

    NOW let's get something straight I've got nothing against the captain he's a great man and I'm proud of him however his family are greedy snotty nosed elitist and privileged; and not to mention the fact that they were selfish dragging him over to Barbados a country I know very very well the playground of the privileged where social distancing is not adhere to because it is the playground for the rich and privileged many of whom are Americans. the slaves that work in these posh hotels and private villas work for pittance and have to wear face mask while serving the mainly white privileged elitists there cocktails and pina coladas.
    However the privileged elitist liberal tourists are free to mingle and enjoy each other's close company in the bars and restaurants boat trips and beaches of this truly wonderful Caribbean Paradise Island while perhaps chatting about their own countries that are in hard lockdown.
    These are the sort of people that think they're exempt that think they're immune and look what's happening now
    the holiday was free for his family of course capin sir tom had to be there as well otherwise it wouldn't have been free, right how to get that holiday with the flights and accommodation would have been worth about 15 Grand
    I wonder which celebrity or high ranking person
    Connected within the British government offered him and his family their free Villa…..
    I bet you Piers Morgan knows…….
    well it's where sir tom he caught covid probably from some foreigner from another country who wanted his picture taken with him and perhaps asystemically passed the virus on
    his family should have known better December was a bad time to be travelling but they thought they could get away with it like the other people who went off to the Caribbean
    Because they thought it was safe there what arrogance however they still dragged him over there
    How stupid are these people
    He's a National Treasure and should have been protected at least until the vaccine had been fully rolled out on his age group I guess that will be swept under the carpet now
    Sir Tom should have never travelled without being vaccinated first he's a century-old for God's sake all they had to do is wait a few weeks and now he dead.
    The family members who travelled with him for their free holiday will have to come to terms with that…… expect them to write a book next year entitled my life with Sir Tom…

  9. In London there r prostitute houses in soho that don't move. Prostitution is illegal in England. I'd say it beyond setting an example to the word these lot r pedigree. Shameful. Boycott uk today

  10. My salutes and even Love to this humble and great man and British soldier from an admiring Canadian. But, dear friends of Britain, would you kindly explain why did he not get vaccinated from the Covid? Too young maybe

  11. NHS was our national proud, but meanwhile it is a death trap. Overpaid Consultants and Doctors with wrong diagnosis pumping the nation with pain killers and Antibiotics..Underpaid nurses who clean the shit for these Consultants..UK with highest percentage in Covid deaths in the world. Well done!

  12. A hero may have passed into that dark night…
    But a legend was born…to light the path for the rest of us…

    “world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but can never forget what they did here. It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of devotion …” ― Jeff Shaara

  13. Has had pneumonia for weeks but just diagnosed with Covid. What will be on his death certificate – another case of bumping up figures?

  14. I certainly don't wish to be callous & my thoughts are with his family but it angers me to see a decent man who served his country, as my father & uncles did, being used as a pawn in this narrative. Is it possible he simply died of old age?

  15. Geezer broke lockdown by holidaying in barbados, then gets three of his family around his bedisde in an nhs hospital putting nhs staff at risk as he dies from pneumonia when tens of thousands of poor, non tory folk cant even see their loved ones as they pass let lone hold their hand. Yet hes a hero for getting the public to pay money out again for the nhs? Save it, honestly

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