Covid-19: Boris Johnson 'deeply sorry' as UK deaths exceed 100,000 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

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23 thoughts on “Covid-19: Boris Johnson 'deeply sorry' as UK deaths exceed 100,000 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

  1. 48 mg ivermectin is 2 micro mol. i can kill 50% in our body but considering half duration it kills all virus within 7days. it has no side effects……

  2. New world order :
    Reduce world population 7 billion to 1 billion.
    This year totally they killed 50 million world wide. By bombing in the Middle East and in the name of covid 19…

    I think drama will not end soon.
    China is key player and all of them worship lucifer the satan. Satan and satanic members seek to control the world including taking away all our freedom and rights. Right to own poverty, right get marry, right have children, right to choose career, right to be ourselves, right our belief, right to everything will be demolished…

  3. If people really mattered and you really wanted every 1 2 stay at home you would just freeze money all together until the virus is completely gone but u won't do that will u

  4. The northwest get their vaccine allowance cut by 30% and the North East by 50% note the word North. Now I wish I live in the south

  5. First wave, sorry we have learned. Second wave, sorry we have learned. Now we are ready for any future pandemic? Not even ready for the third of this one! This guy is a joke.

  6. Quick enough to apologise but not quick enough to admit that they are in the wrong. Just goes to show who really runs our country and to face the facts that we are the worst in Europe now more than Italy & Spain who were the worst at the start, that is an absolute joke. Eat out to help out, spread the virus, multiple lockdowns later still suffering. Upper class snobs doing what they do best.

  7. Lets all just blame the government for everything and not the people who refused to listen and stick to the rules, the thousands of people posting on facebook etc the virus is a hoax the virus is caused by 5g etc etc protesting no masks on lockdown, all these people never helped curve the spread but funny how these people are not mentioned when playing the blame game

  8. 100,000 lives; highest death rate in the world. All I get is a sorry. Thanks. At the end of the PM, he can continue to live his life happily get hundreds of thousands £ as consultants, publishing books, giving talks. But those are gone are gone forever. Is there no investigation needed, wrongful death from negligence? He was blatantly treating it with light hearted manner at the initial phase of the virus?

  9. Boris Johnson has no idea, I still don’t understand why these people are running our country, we need the younger ones to be vaccinated before the elderly folk the elderly folk have lived their lives, if the younger ones die before the elderly, who then looks after the elderly, school teachers arent been given the vaccination, all wrong so very wrong, but yet Boris is travelling from London to Scotland…. wtf 🤬 !!!!!!does he not know there is a video link he can use, all what’s going on in the uk should have been done in the second lockdown, covid would have gone altogether if it had? I mean look at Wuhan now, they are back to near normal.

  10. They said no meeting indoors and 3 of them next to each other. From different house holds giving you news. They aint following what they say. And they say they learn something. Looks very opposite what they say or said. They allowed to do what they say against what they saying…. Brilliant lots of applause 😀 😀 😀 😀

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