Coronavirus: Trudeau reacts to news Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine may be 90% effective

Pfizer stated Monday that an early peek on the knowledge on its coronavirus vaccine suggests the pictures could also be a surprisingly strong 90% efficient at stopping …

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20 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Trudeau reacts to news Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine may be 90% effective

  1. This guy is a complete scumbag …. nothing has been over walhmed…. haven't even known anyone that knows anyone thats actually go it ….. and it has a 99.7 survival rate and a vaccine ….. wear latex gloves in high traffic areas opening doors touching things and hand sanitizer…. dont be fooled and think 4 ply kleenex is gonna keep u safe

  2. I thought Trudeau said we don't have a vaccine close to being ready when Trump said we are weeks away from having one earlier this month. This morning they are saying vaccine for everyone. Politicians, Medical experts, media should take it first

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  4. In Canada, we first heard about this vacine a while ago from President Trump. It may come out as early as January? This project is called "operation warpspeed.' And it will be available for free for those in The USA, if they want it? NOT mandatory. God Bless President Trump and The USA (our big brother) from Canada. We ALL (the normals) know the election was rigged, and we always stand by you President Trump. Thank you so very much President Trump and Vice President Pence for standing out in the pouring rain to come and pay your respects to Canadian Vet's on Remembrance Day. You both have much more respect for our vet's then our "no show" embarrassment of Prime Minister Trudeau. What a shame and a disgrace! Unfortunately we too have a very deep, dirty, treasonous swamp. And a Crime Minister who thinks he's a dictator 🇨🇦🇺🇸👍

  5. Do NOT flatter yourself too much about any alleged American greatness. This is a GERMAN vaccine developed entirely by GERMAN scientists working for a GERMAN firm BioNtech in GERMANY. The only role of the American firm Pfizer is that of a useless middleman, to help distribute, and to provide funding.

  6. I, unlike the majority of uneducated people in these comments, don't live my life in fear. So this is great news! One more step forward to normal life again.

  7. It's not Pfizer's vaccine. It hast Bern invented by BioNTech. Pfizer just produces and distributes it. Biontech ist a German company, so there is definitly no US (Trump) money in it either.

  8. Think about this for a second right now. Covid 19 a pandemic a deadly virus defeated by our best doctors. Truly incredible we just straight up one punch man'd this thing.

  9. ^ ^ your communist / islamist / socialist agenda claims are disputed Justine Fidel Castro Jr.
    = if ya'll are so concerned about BATSOUP COVID VIRUS why does the government continue bringing in millions of
    immigrants into the country??

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