Coronavirus: Ontario declares 2nd state of emergency, stay-at-home order announced | FULL

Ontario Premier Doug Ford introduced on Tuesday the province was getting into a second state of emergency on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, efficient …

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46 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Ontario declares 2nd state of emergency, stay-at-home order announced | FULL

  1. you wana know why nobody takes this seriously ford?

    why is tim hortons open? why do i see lines of 500 idiots buying coffee every morning,yet im not allowed to have 1 friend over?
    why is walmart allowed curbside pickup,but a small business it not?
    why do you think reducing store hours=less covid,forcing more people into one area all at once would increase covid.
    why are your friends going to hawaii?
    you have made a mockery of this whole situation and nobody gnna take you seriously anymore.

  2. This new restriction is the same thing lol.. your still going to see the same volume of traffic and people, there allowing non essential businesses to Open? Lol no comment.

  3. The United States will soon collapse and many capitalist countries should have access to information ten years ago regarding economic issues in all parts of the world, especially America, Canada and Europe. The economic situation in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 was an economic crisis and affected the merchants who control trade. The International planned the so-called Corona virus in order to save their private companies and at the same time destroy small companies so that society is under the control of the bank and bound to debts like prisoners and now they will put the blame on Corona Virus that it has destroyed the economy. The truth is the opposite, America, Canada and Europe do not want to take the blame for their doings. The capitalist system is not good and did not serve society, and these are the consequences. Many experts warned of the collapse that was based on benefits, with an unfortunate policy that destroyed peoples. And because the real collapse appeared in this summer 2021, the so-called closure under the name Corona virus is spreading here and there in order to destroy small companies and the large unwanted companies and at the same time the legalization of these specific businesses in order to protect their own economy. Those traders also control the global trade. This is the failed policy because this system is based on the injustice and destruction of many societies in the world, especially the peoples in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, as well as America, Canada and Europe, at the hands of those responsible for global trade- who also control society. Everyone should know at the beginning of this year 2021 to the next five months, many companies and banks will collapse the capitalist system. The interest system that destroyed the world will collapse and many governments, companies and banks have made this secret plan/information about society veiled under the name Corona virus. Clearly these are criminals.

  4. This "STAY AT HOME" is not about healthcare or the Covid-19 pandemic, this is really a fundraising scam so Mr. Ford can raise money so he can build his new 400 series Highway.

  5. Seriously, has been trying so many companies, got 2 companies for higher interviews but got cancelled right after Ford announces another extension of lock down and another stay home order.

    Ford, by your words, some ppl lose or get a job. Please please do something not just stand there saying stay at home. Come out with greater solutions…

  6. Why are non-tax paying citizens getting the vaccine before the tax payers that made it possible to purchase the vaccine! Riddle me that! You want to boost the economy and get things open, vaccinate the people that have jobs and pay taxes!

  7. (12:01 AM Lockdown why?) because they are signaling through numbers that their following the agenda, the politicians are Free Masons & Jesuits, they attend local Masonic Lodge every Third wednesday of the month to discuss their plans, People need to wake up, they're trying to depopulate the world also with the vaccine, Look up Gematria Effect News on Youtube, these people are all about numbers and rituals.

  8. Just safeguard the old people and give them the vaccines and open up like normal I don’t get it what is the rocket surgery here

  9. Stay home: weaken our immune systems, wearing masks & social distancing at every point of human contact🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. The sinners in Zion are afraid! Fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites! Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings? (Isaiah 33:14)

  11. So stay home unless you need booze or groceries.
    Last time around grocery stores like the one I work in turned into a (hey, let's go socialize there) environment which put employees at a higher risk and at a higher stress level.
    Guess Doug can't figure out that compacting people into a smaller time frame increases the risk of rapid infection. It won't help a frigging thing.
    Why are you out?, going to get groceries and alcohol, no probs, carry on.
    What do I know though, I only have 41 years in grocery retail!

  12. We've been hearing this hospital and ICU capacity rhetoric for some time now. 2136 icu beds in ontario. In socialized medicine these beds runs at 90% full capacity over the last decade. A nihi study shows these beds run near capacity across canada, often going over capacity as needed. They don't have the doctors or nurses, the beds are not full. The province says at any given time there is 1200 people in the icu. Nearing 400 people with covid is what's collapsing the entire economy? You people are being lied to. Pure tyrannical communist propaganda.
    They've had years to prepare for something like this after h1n1, mers, sars, and they've done nothing. Collapsing the economy over lies and propaganda, a flu with a 0.05% mortality rate in those under 75.

  13. If the icu's are at capacity, instead of shutting down the economy, why not spend more 💰 💰 in the health center 🏥 🏥 ?🤔 🤔
    Smells 🐟🐟 🐠 🎏 🎣 🐡 to me!
    Why would they want to;
    restrict our movements?
    give us an allowance of $2000/month? Enpower police to question our activities and wearabouts?
    Why are they killing the economy?
    If they lockdown the economy again this year for more then 6 months, EVERYONE will be dependant on the goverment.

  14. To CHEAP to pay health workers over Christmas holiday to vaccinate people and now he is WHINING. Why are we not vaccinating 24/7 like most countries?

  15. Everyone needs to really understand who is gonna make this all better… The Lord. If you think it's a joke, I'd really give it a good thought, doesn't everyone see yet our y'all still blind without Grace. Man CANNOT SAVE ANYONE, no vaccines NOTHING. This was all causes by evil people and now the world is suffering, and people still blame God. What are y'all gonna do when things really go down. Then you gonna get on your knees, cause let me tell you something in the end EVERY KNEE WILL BOW. There's nowhere to run. Be ready. Repent accept Jesus as your Lord God and Saviour. JESUS SAVES, NOT MAN. May the Lord be with you all🙏🏻

  16. Back in February/March I was avoiding people, staying home as much as possible, and wanted the borders CLOSED. The government would NOT close the borders. Now citizens of Ontario face 1 year in jail for not respecting the stay-at-home order. This is completely INSANE.

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