Cooper: 3 weeks and a day is how long it took GOP to forget what happened

CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses how rapidly the GOP has moved on from the lethal rebellion on the Capitol and rushed again into the arms of former …

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42 thoughts on “Cooper: 3 weeks and a day is how long it took GOP to forget what happened

  1. what does it say about where the US ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ is, that 74 million people voted for a racist, misogynistic bigot. WS have been awaiting the arrival of their "dear leader" n trump is the fulfilment. America is in deep trouble.

  2. What does it say about those who supported "get in their faces – tell them they are not wanted here" OR " they are not going to stop – and they shouldn't stop". And they still haven't stopped tearing up lives. But then "who says protest has to be peaceful"? The people of Seattle haven't forgotten, the people in Portland haven't forgotten. Insert any large city here. Maybe they just don't care. Lots of pots calling the kettle black – or are you just feeding the algorithm – narrative. Ungodly – politics ruins everything.

  3. Oh trump looks like a normal old person there, NICE! It is what it is? Oh that is what I want my rep to act and sound like. How have people became so so well sick.

  4. It says they're Confederates!
    Why are you guys called news and always 2 steps behind?
    I mean U don't have to ask what we can see.
    It's not politics for them it's war

  5. We are all trying to forget the political gang war both parties put us through for a full year. The crips won. No move on! Iโ€™m tired of all this BS.

  6. CNN literally has nothing to talk about other then to talk about but Trump lmao CNN is a failing network, funny no stories on all the failing Biden ideas cnn Literally has no credibility at all

  7. I find it very sad to see such a polished and informative correspondent as Anderson Cooper sprinkling his comments with "You Know".

  8. The hypocrisy will never end with the cult of tRump. Again tell me how the "millionaire from New York" is the chosen one for working class Americans?

  9. How can the American electorate be well served by such creepily ambitious power hungry Republican politicians. I suspect it is because a significant proportion of the electorate are ill-educated, primitive, morally bankrupt human beings. As for Mad Marjorie, the cowardly Republicans say nothing. Despicable. America has lost any moral leadership on the world stage. The country is in the same basket as, to quote Trump, shithole countries. It is no better than Russia and China and assorted tinpot dictatorships.

  10. We must never let them forget. The breachers were in large part neo nazis and kkk etc. Is this really what we want America to be? And do we want a country where our politicians are above the law? That seems as un American as you can get.

  11. Oh, please, there is documented factual evidence that the Capitol riot was planned two days before the "Take Back America" speech that supposedly "incited the insurrection". And funny how one day at the Capitol is "domestic terrorism" but BLM can burn down half the country for SIX MONTHS and they're called "peaceful protestors" and get nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. This country is a fucking joke.

  12. You left out the part of the clip where a Capitol Him cop ignored several men trying to break through the door with large objects and shot the one female, who had nothing in her hands at all, proving his courage. Then his identity was covered up whereas every cop who ever shot a non-Caucasian criminal is immediately identified in all MSM. I really never knew how anti-woman CNN and the others were, at least if she's white, unlike Breonna Taylor. Apparently they're specifically anti-white woman, kind of an odd form of bigotry but whatever, bigotry takes many forms.

  13. Lets stop talking about Trump and reporting on who he's meeting with. It might be good for ratings, but its bad for democracy.

  14. The only thing that makes you THINK that you are relevant, are your inflated viewer numbers, obviously being a clown does have it's perks. The true fact is that the GOP is now even more relevant than before, because your Trump bashing channel needs a new enemy to enthrall your MSM coated viewers. Tick Tock ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. How did Trump become president in the first place. He is a complete fool. Most people around the world thought this before 2016 …….. and after 4 years and everything of the last month , there are still people saying hes the greatest president ever. How did he get near 50% ? They did have him on the Simpsons years ago becoming president . Wonder where America would be now if Hillary had become president ……..

  16. Well politics and the media are just clowning around. I recon God will be wreaking some reality wakeups out of kindness i suppose…

  17. Curious why a few of the police would commit suicide. Maybe, prior to Jan. 6, there were some decisions or orders made by the upper level that made them feel guilty after one of their own lost their lives?

  18. Most of the Republican party have their lips superglued to trump (cadet bonespurs) ass…its a feat for the record books

  19. Just wait they will piss off the wrong Democrat and they will make a list of who they will go after first and it'll be because they won't stop the lies

  20. I hate to say this but the gop is starting to act like the nazi party! And trump is Hitler. Of course trump isn't ad smart. I'm really ashamed of what the gop has become.

  21. Republicans chose Trump over country and constitution making a mockery of American democracy they are the party bigotry rather than law and order.

  22. Republicans are doing our country a terrible disservice, they're still hanging onto Trump and doing their best to let Trump off on the consequences he by Constitutional law must be convinted in the Senate for his attempted Coup and inciting that mob to storm our Capitol! He incited an insurgence on our very Democracy and Constitution! The most CORRUPT GOP are trying to play politics with a treasonous coup!

  23. I just don't get how the dumbest man on earth Donald Trump who has never , ever been a success at anything ever can get all these people backing his underhanded tricks and dishonest grifting ways. It proves theres more dishonesty than even we thought and it must be punished. Do republicans not realize Donald Trump sent killers after his own VP and members of his congress, HE SENT THEM TO KILL YOU PEOPLE CAN YOU NOT GRASP THAT????

  24. The republican party is an absolute disgrace, they believe and stand for nothing, all they care about is pleasing Trump…they are no different to a cult.

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