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36 thoughts on “Coons says Trump "has lost the right to be president" after Capitol attack

  1. Biden talks out both sides of his mouth. He wants to talk about domestic terrorist? What about antifa? What about the BLM? Democrats had no problem with the looting in the rioting the beating people up setting things on fire. Democrats Biden did nothing about it he let it go let it happen

  2. They have to resigns, no financi obligations america promise to them after they leave office should be rescinded except their security. If not it time to throw both parties out. We need a peoples party, and the green party.

  3. I think after the summertime and all the riots all the Democrats that didn't condemn the violence and the burning of cities and assault of the police I think that they don't deserve to be in office!!I think Joe Biden has lost his right to be president after he's been in office for 47 years taking money from the system supporting segregation using the n-word on the senate floor,spearheading the crime bill of 1994 that ravaged the black community I think that needs to be addressed! Trump didn't tell them to go cause a riot! And what about all the writing all summer and into the fall what about that is anybody going to take responsibility for that cuz Nancy pelosi was sure ready to have the national guard set in against the Trump supporters but didn't want the national guard sent in when they were burning businesses of ordinary citizens so the people couldn't pay their bills and feed their children they had to go out of business what about that?I'm so sick of how it's always okay for one side and not the other I'm not saying that writing is okay but they write it all summer how many people died during those riots? How many people lost their businesses how many police stations were burned how many Target stores were looted how many other stores got looted how much damage did they do what about Portland taking a city under siege that's domestic terrorism and they want to talk about the capital that's owned by the people those buildings are owned by the American citizens! We don't talk about the cops that were killed during the protests and the only reason they're not protesting now is because it's cold outside;

  4. The only time Pelosi dose something other than hold up bills is when it helps her hurt trump. If anyone deserves to be removed from office it’s her.

  5. I would like to lay down some facts. President Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide. The evidence of FRAUD in the 2020 election is vast and replete. I am a-political, but I can clearly see that President Trump is a great leader who has stood up for traditional American values. I will never accept Joseph Biden as president because he lost, and committed the greatest crime in history. The censorship, and suppression of free speech is wrong no matter who does it and what their excuse is. I don't care if it's popular, I will speak up until the commies put a bullet in my head! I am responsible for my own safety. I will never take a vaccine, and I will never wear a mask unless I decide to do so. My firearms are used for my self defense and I shall never relinquish them! Donald Trump is our President. There is a God, and we are his intelligent creation! America is still the greatest nation on earth. I will always be thankful to the honorable men and women who fought and died for this nation. The US Constitution is the greatest document ever written by mankind! Just some facts. 😉

  6. Arrest Trump Giuliani Trump Jr and Invoke the 14th amendment against all senators involved with the attack against the federal government starting with Ted Cruz and hawley etc.

  7. How would the useless man not vote against Trump?
    He's a democrat. How can the devil try to remind people his a devil.
    It's not longer news.

  8. Coin is a nobody he has no power this is Trump's party 80 million strong and getting bigger every day.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Intellect and academic credentials. How about maturity? How about circumspect? How about altruism? This male, (he's not qualified to be regarded as a man), is as opportunistic as the virus the world is trying to fend off. He is merely the latest variant of the virus of partisanship which has gripped this country and much of the world. If we allow it to continue our demise is certain. You want to see these two parties united? Just the mention of a third party would have democrats and republicans united, screaming at the top of their lungs, 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Term limits, the same unity would have them seeming conjoined but actually just holding on for dear life. Somethings are going give, of that there is no question. Some of these politicians are going to have to go, ( on both sides), and they will be voted out. Bank on it. Maybe they all will look deeply into the fogged mirror and see what their part was in creating this atmosphere of division. We can only hope.

  10. i guess all the cops dead from 2020 antifa were just victims of peaceful protests – the media loves them the media is probably lower then the devil at this point he probably has said "wtf your going to destroy your own house??" then he smiled with glee " wow i didnt think humans could go so evil i love it " …."im going to make a special place for nancy when she gets here and chuck and jerry these guys are working all=out to exterminate themselves i love it !"

  11. What everyone is forgetting that Democrat run cities allowed rioters burn, loot, destroy property, commit violence against police officers and held none of the criminals accountable.

  12. Love how when conservatives are in the wrong, Then its time for healing. How do you heal after a coup from the Trump Regime?

  13. Their biggest fear has come true.
    You're awake, and there is nothing they can do to put you back to sleep.
    The Government will be under a microscope for generations.

  14. This guy’s an absolute joke. He allowed his daughter to be sniffed and weirdly touched by creepy joe. This is a demon and I am supposed to listen to the words coming from this guy’s mouth??? Go somewhere and shut up. Trump has Every right to be President. These Pedos are just scared….

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