Contact Trailer 2019 Discovery Science Channel TV Series

On this first-of-its-kind international investigation collection, a world activity power led by the USA will use each sighting, each declassified file, and each …

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15 thoughts on “Contact Trailer 2019 Discovery Science Channel TV Series

  1. It's fake… They have to import sql files on every search? LOL.
    It's a cute series but trying to seem like a documentary is borderline insulting.

  2. No es mala, la cosa esta. Mae mía. Igual d barato q la serie d los pseudocazafantasmas, pero aún peor si cabe y encima, + barata. Yo mismo he visto cosas mil veces + inexplicables q la imagen + detallada q estos fracasados puedan ofrecer. No da ni para reírse d ella, y eso ya es grave…

  3. Do these Americans know how idiotic and unintelligent they look especially as they are supposed to represent specialists. How gullible do the producers think the public are. It’s borderline disrespectful rubbish (garbage).

  4. Biggest load of rubbish, trying to make connections in caves, jungles, and underwater with Ufos. If these guys are so called intelligence experts then where in trouble. The format is the same as other shows like this were each episode culminates with researchers in the dark with cameras torches all pretending to get excited.This program has nothing to do with real UFO research.

  5. So I tried 2 episodes, couldn’t get through either. 100% old news and they act like it just came to light. Shitty actors sitting around using CIA software, ya right, the CIA is going to let them use it. It’s fucking Google they are using. What a bunch of losers. This will not have a second season if it survives the first. Looooooooooooooooosers.🖕🖕

  6. Why on God’s green earth would the Chilean government just let these guys into their alien investigation site one a moments notice. I call BS.
    That being said …… good fiction tv 😜

  7. Total scripted garbage; the scientist looks like a victoria secret model; and the supposed exCIA and spec OPs (but really actors) are a complete joke. Someone sitting around a table in production was like, "special ops guys all have beards, so you gotta grow a beard" Anyway, being from the CIA actually discredits you, it doesn't authenticate your en-devour.

  8. Fake. Scripted. Stupid. They will never find anything. This show is a piece of crap. Nice having cameras already in places the "actors" have not seen yet. Like in a cave they just happened to find? Really high above, there are the cameras shooting them from way above…. Fake as hell show.

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