Congress confirms Joe Biden's victory – BBC News

The US Congress has formally confirmed Joe Biden’s victory hours after violent protesters stormed the Capitol constructing. Vice President Mike Pence makes the …

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43 thoughts on “Congress confirms Joe Biden's victory – BBC News

  1. every African American a million! An empire was built on them. Each Indian has 2 million dollars, this is their land

  2. On Tuesday, 12th January 2021, El Trampero will hold again a rally on the loose in Alamo, Texas, a few kilometers from the Mexican border, por la Independencia de Texas. This will happen while instead he should have been already imprisoned with charges of sedition and assault to the Congress of the United States of America gathered in a presidential elective democratic assembly, and for multiple manslaughter. I bought some popcorn.

  3. So clearly the medias completely bias actions towards Democrats! Shows it was clear it was very close and calling all those who dont follow there suit is very very dangerous!! MSM could end up on the guillotine!

  4. BBC. Shame on you for your bias against President Trump for nearly 5 years. You should youtube "Lt Gen McInerney", everyone is gonna know sooner or later.

  5. If you believe you WON the election righteously, why do you need to CENSOR twitter?????? why does google take Parlor off the shelf? why are you afraid? If you have done nothing wrong, why do you not want Americans to have freedom of information? Does it make any sense that if election is legit, you need to do all these???????????

  6. Mr. Pence you and President Trump did NOT lose the election. You lost the battle of clarity. You lost to a mockingbird system that has the public hypnotized and under their trance.

  7. Everyone who knows what going on and you feel it in your gut. From the American election to the Covid conspiracy we are in a spiritual war and it’s about get biblical. Censoring is going to a whole new level. Get off FB, TWITTER & INSTAGRAM and get to Parler quick. Create an account so you can keep together and share the information about to be declassified. God bless us all the awakening is upon us. 🙏🏼❤️

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