Confurrz [Radiation Island] Monster Sounds {QUAD ELEMENTAL}

Parts: Area, Hypno, Rubber, Radiation Codename: ??? » Twitter: » MSM Good friend Code: 65856485DB (notmantisboi I feel) …

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20 thoughts on “Confurrz [Radiation Island] Monster Sounds {QUAD ELEMENTAL}

  1. Confurrz
    Elements: Space, Hypno, Rubber, Radiation
    Codename: bendy
    Bio: A Confurrz hatchling begins its life with no music ability. Soon enough, it gets a music ability! It can use its tunes and beats for powerful attacks!
    Weapon: we'll leave that to your imagination

  2. Elements:😁🤢🥶💥🦴👩‍💻🚏🚆🗾🌐🔴🔅📳

  3. Name: Confurrz
    Breeding: Allanker + Membriss / Bazzerd + Turntisc / Duckala + Syncees / Siamophone + Xiibuss / Clickterr + Truccus / Vocodexx + Slapoda
    Time: 26:00:00 (One Day+)

  4. He's not gonna eat my soul

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