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21 thoughts on “Conflict Might Be Preventing the Discovery of Alien Life

  1. Perhaps social media could help this man get his word out, instead of just being a scientist and complaining to joe rogan. Just a thought.

  2. Jesus, how do you pull my thoughts out of my head, you really are wiser than most. Openness, and optimism. Keep that shit up Joe. I blame Martial Arts humility.

  3. If we discover extraterrestrial intelligence it means the great filter is ahead of us and we will most likely go extinct. If we are alone or the only life we discover is non-intelligent, the great filter is behind us. I don't want there to be intelligent aliens.

  4. Fine art is like what he was talking about, they get off on trying to appear smart instead of creating work that actually moves people.

  5. If the universe is really as massive as they think it is.. like never ending massive… Then no one can say "there is no life on other planets" because we literally cannot find that out… So the answer to that should be "probably there is life on other planets"

  6. If the governments come clean about E.T's, that mean they have to come clean about super advance tech and that would change the would. We are stuck in consumerism and that is what makes the world go round. The moment we are informed about E.T's the world will be changed forever, including history as we know it. It's nice to know more people want to know now more then ever, but the majority of humans can't handle the FULL truth. It would send us into chaos. If you think we are the only planet with intelligent life…Bless your soul.

  7. the yin yang dynamic can be mastered only in meditation – the view that conflict is necessary is stone-age imbecility.
    tribalism – meditation resolves this.

  8. Why not use space budget to repair the planet we live on now? After we get a handle on this – Only then should we venture further

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