Concerns over Trump’s call pressuring Georgia election official to find votes l ABC News

Greater than 150 Republicans in Congress say they may object to the certification of the 2020 election outcomes. #ABCNews #TrumpTapes #Georgia #Election2020 …

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41 thoughts on “Concerns over Trump’s call pressuring Georgia election official to find votes l ABC News

  1. this just in……Ruby Freeman has announced a water main break…..Underground Atlanta has filled to the brim ……y'all white folk go on home we will keep on countin

  2. Has anyone ever thought about this could be the last election? With all three branches of government, do you think they will really allow loosing it.

  3. Unbelievable at the one minute mark when she asked the woman if she has ever witnessed anything like this taking place before which is an unbelievably stupid question saying hell we’ve never had these troubling concerns at this level when it comes to voter fraud that had taken place so there’s nothing to compare to and coincidentally all of the type of fraud that took place is exactly What Democrats were preaching about as concerns just a matter of years ago so it makes me wonder did they use those very same concerns as an advantage for Joe Biden

  4. When I read the headline of this video it reinforces the understanding of the phrase fake news because Trump was not asking him to find balance he was asking him to remove the fraudulent ones and I can definitely understand why there is a threat to the left because then the truth would be revealed that Trump won that state as well as the others that are experiencing the same issues

  5. January 20 the impeached disgrace becomes defendant Trump. Being a dummy isn't a good defense for this death toll. Ethnic cleansing, poor, black, brown and old people killed for hate. Ted Cruz and the Jim Crow wing of the Republican Party are not the way forward.

  6. Leftist American watching cbs will believe anything when the network is grasping at straws for a smoking gun. Gullible as hell. 😆

  7. Lol they need to be more concerned about the crimes against humanity done by the cia/democrats deep state swamp .

  8. So concerned about this call which like everything got twisted into something that it wasn't yet no concerns about missing Clinton emails or Biden bunch involvement with China? 🤔Hmmm

  9. Who cares about your clearly edited and jumped forwards on tape content. It is missing major context and is not even played straight through but cut and pasted together lol. This is why MSM is so over. Lol only the socialist believe you. We the Patriots see through your deception lol

  10. yall keep me in ur prayers im homeless also pray for the return of jesus and that jesus will be spread throughout the world and pray for the rapture amen

  11. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Amen…
    Repent and turn from sin! Obey God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out!

  12. This is a terrible & strange thing to hear what's on the tape. It's scary to hear a president say those things. The Constitution is in place & you can't change it. Trump's term ends on Jan 20th. Pence doesn't have the power to change the electoral votes on Jan 6th because it is a ceremony & nothing more. Biden will be president on Jan 20th. The republicans can argue as much as they want to but the people have spoken & they cant change the facts. It's sad to see that republicans really believe the election was rigged & it wasn't.

  13. There is far more at stake than the little fish, the fake public servant socialist get rich scams.

    Mitch McConnell is compromised with a Chinese wife and her relatives that through reports are involved with the CCP. Biden, Feinstein, Pelosi, the list is growing!

    12/16/20 Mitch McConnell married to a chinese communist party (ccp) Elaine Chow planted by Chinese communist party!

    Let us all stand United and put a stop to the "ungodly new world order" (Globalist) ! The Chinese communist parties (CCP) debt trap and their takeover of our U.S. government ! They have even infiltrated the EU and the UN. THE CCP is buying up American debt at a scale that is Beyond dangerous!

    Globalist U.S. public servants congress attempt to pass a bill for Stimulus checks to illegal aliens giving them up to $1800 each while U.S . citizens fight lockdowns & get only $600. Who do these CCP New world order (Globalist ) politicians work for it appears that they are not working in behalf of We the People!

    Let the Globalist UN Pay for the stimulus money to refugees that where forced to flee their GOD given country ! I might add so that the communist Globalist, new world order could plunder their country!

    Look at Venezuela, was one of the richest countries in the western hemisphere now that the communist new world order has infiltrated their government! Venezuela now plundered ! Recently communist landed in Venezuela and plundered 20 tons of Venezuelan Gold ! Now a third world country with their people homeless and living on the streets and whats worse , the UN backs the immigration further depleting Venezuelan resources. Much like what is occurring in the U.S.A.

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    Restore our Constitutional Republic our Sovereignty and fight foreign takeover of our resources our Industries our Land our Homes! If not for us but for our Children our Grandchildren ! Give our Children Liberty not Enslavement!

    Time for our public servants to do their job with fiscal responsibility !
    Put an end to –
    Foreign spending!
    No bundling one Bill one vote!
    Term Limits !
    "Make them subject to the same laws that they try to impose on We the People"!

    Top 10 secretly owned big business's in U.S.A. owned by China's CCP … 9 minutes in to video Ingram Micros Cloud is also owned by CCP China

    Facebook Msm Fact check is funded by (CCP) Chinese communists party!
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    Watch Joe Biden admits dnc is committing voter fraud that no one can beat!

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    Source Wikipedia 2013:
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    U.S. News
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    289,866 illegal ballots
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    Venezuela fire: Thousands of voting machines burned – BBC News

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    2 years ago
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    Watch Joe Biden admits dnc is committing voter fraud that no one can beat!

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    And the Latest 01/04/21
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    Raffensperger secretary of state Georgia faces Espionage charges for leaking Trump confidential conversation. Source:

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    And the Latest 01/04/21
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  14. You're fucking liars!! He didn't threaten anyone!! Best thing for you dummies that watch this news needs to listen to the whole conversation.. Not just a piece of it. Sheeshhh

  15. He would've had to make the phone call 1) if they we not trying to steal the election he won and 2) if they would've just did an audit from the beginning! What was a recount going to accomplish? 100 votes will still be counted as 100. Question is, how many of the 100 are illegal votes? The media will twist ANYTHING to make the President look bad, but they don't see how bad they look with their constant lies! Don't watch mainstream media anymore. Didn't watch this; responded to the title!

  16. one sided mainstream news that's useless to get real accounts so we check comments only. trump already won his re election . they report what they want to get ppl hurt . fake sATAN news

  17. You should ask yourself , after all those manipulations you are making for decades now, turning informations the way you want they to be etc…, why do you have sa many "unlike".

  18. What behaviour the GOP had said "OK" to with Trump will haunt US politics for decades. They have given future Presidents a free pass to do things that hasn't been OK for any President to do before. And they have voided their own right to even complain about it since the only thing they did was excuse and protect Trump.

    They might believe they could do that while it benefited them and then flip back. But that is not how it works. It's like stealing and when you get caught you stop, say you are against stealing and think you don't have to be held responsible for what you did.

  19. There is NOTHING wrong with the Trump phone call to the GA Secretary of State; there is either voting INTEGRITY or not — we can all agree this was not the case — a crime? STFU already!!!

  20. 😂🤣☺️😂😅😅💥Rathensburger steppes into a pile of 💩 when he lies to the president 😂🤣☺️😂😂and the fake news cuts up the tape 😅😂☺️☺️

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