Cocos Island – The mysterious island in the Pacific – FULL VERSION!!

Sadly, the beforehand uploaded model was not full: It aborts in minute 22. Right here lastly is the whole documentary. Have enjoyable with it! 🙂 Coconut …

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33 thoughts on “Cocos Island – The mysterious island in the Pacific – FULL VERSION!!

  1. Damned🤬 shark fishers!! Asian demand needs to be made a cultural shame, due to the destruction that "taste" causes. JFC!

  2. It's so amazing 😍😍😍.I'll take so many screenshots. 💗💗💗.Thank you for uploading more power & God bless for the team.

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  4. After studying Srilanka Definitely you can reveal every mystery in this Island. Because I feel that land has a big connection with Srilankan environment.❤

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  6. sharks be friendly at day but scary at night… that's hella like a nightmare to be hunted at night EVERY NIGHT but at least they know sustainability eat what you need

  7. So just lie down beside the sharks remove your regulator and get a free teeth cleaning……no wonder Bobby Darren said their teeth were pearly white.

  8. There should be a world moratorium on the killing of all animals except to lessen their pain . Land, sea, air . The penalty , it starts with two years and goes to ten. This is my personal view. It's me being kind to the guilty. From seeing what humans inflict on defenseless animals is beastly pure evil at times. To watch the aftermath when mothers are killed and young are left to fend , its actually like watching a human go through the same thing. Watch something and tell me I'm wrong . Wishful thinking. ✌️💞

  9. This is the way we would want our planet if we had the power to recreate. Just imagine what it would feel like if we were around then when this was the way our planet looked. In all the other realms of possibil realities we probably could and did recreate our unique planet . as we didn't in this reality. From a human point of view I'm not sure about anything in my reality. 🤫✌️

  10. A beautiful island and waters around it. It's great that it is being kept in its natural state. Thank you for sharing a wonderful video and documentary.

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