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42 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Featuring Discovery – Home (Original Mix) (2001)

  1. The Rex Mundi version was the most accurate and fair treatment it got 👌
    Quick edit: a little confusion i was thinking about his single with susana 'nothing at all' and confused it with home for some reason.. Curse me if you want haha

  2. Omg i forgot all about this song. Wow. The emotions from the past this brings back. I would give anything to go back to these days. Anything. P.L.U.R

  3. I had forgotten this one after many braincells killed in the process of enjoying it too much.

    Thanks again for restoring the balance, Trance Classics.

  4. 20 years old and still sound oh so great in 2021 as great trance never gets old, it only gets better when songs like this are played💯🔉🔉🎵🎵👍

  5. One of the most memorable tunes for me in terms of making me NEED to go to Gatecrasher. Was sat in someone's car, on soggy seats, near my college, smoking – remember this on the stereo and beem blown away by it.

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