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41 thoughts on “CNN Sitution Room 1/7/21 | CNN News Today January 7, 2021

  1. I think the pandemic has taught many people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't maen security, so I really appreciate your transparency and you giving people a fighting chance in this troubling times

  2. All these terrorists were trained or directed by the Blackwaters guards… 🤔Trump had and have a sinister plan and
    no dictators leave power peacefully. This man is soulless, evil and he has to pay for all his crimes, enough is enough of this
    sadistic and narcissistic evil man .
    God Bless America and the Freedom of the Press 🙏
    America 12 more days !!!
    And we will celebrate that our beautiful and great America is back !!!🍾🎈
    (To normal)

  3. NO deals …. just remove him with or without his permission. DO you realize he does not even realize how disgraceful his behavior is? That is the first rule we teach our children, to see how their behavior reflects on them. This is how trump behaves with no regard for himself. He is absent of morals. Best he go!

  4. A cornered criminal is a more dangerous criminal and Trump has nowhere to go. The government will always have eyes on him.

  5. Not only is this truly shameful we all know Obama doing this he would be killed not just in cuffs more proof of the different set of rules for people of color

  6. Trump, his criminal son, and laywer, all accountable in this coup. Treason is the major charge, deaths also charged they should be looked at.

  7. We did take out hitler didn’t we you see the difference here hitler also tried to destroy his country i the last days of the war narcissist are like that they go completely evil when they don’t get there own way

  8. These people must have been terrified, it's like a school shooting. Imagine a gunman breaking into your school, this was a mob breaking breaking in, who knew what could have happen. All of them still appear shook, remember many of them are not young, a heart attack could have happened

  9. Ukraine is where everything started, you the leadership in America try to test Russia over Ukraine then the leadership in Russia say okay game on then mr Putin said to one of he’s top SPY mr Trump forget business is time run for office President.
    Who did mr Trump invited first after he’s election victory?? The Russians✅
    Which foreign power visited him first in office? The Russians

  10. Don't wait on the 25th Amendment process. Begin the impeachment and removal process NOW. The guy has the nuclear codes.

  11. No you all cannot remove Trump, it is freedom that US claim to protect. When such thing happen in Hong Kong yours American and US media claim the protestors are fighting for their right and justice, now such act happen in US become terrorism. What standard your apply? All bullshit especially US Media and American Politician.

  12. 350 millions Americans stop acting like you are shock because you let this happen for too long, from the being you know very Walle mr Trump is working for mr Putin and he’s so call wealth or date money is from Russia.
    You are better then these, your country is better then these and you knows your history very well because your ancestors worked very very hard to make sure you are United as one.

  13. Okay this is funny. You create a Riley of domestic terrorist to storm the Capitol Hill and yet he can get a pardon if he give Mike Pence the presidential. If this was Obama who created a dangerous Riley to storm the Capitol Hill because he lost the election will be waking up in a jail cell along with his family. It could be if that was Obama they will charge him with the murder of that white supremacist who's got killed all because he was the coast of her death all because he was angry with the Democrat Party who didn't support him in his re-election. That's what Justice look like for black people.

  14. What a SHAM..the Republicans gave Pence a few Standings Os just because he refused to go along with a
    Republicans have ZERO CREDIBILITY

  15. I'm tired of hearing that we haven't heard from the president because he's been locked out of Twitter the fact that he has not addressed the United States is an admission of guilt

  16. Trump violated hisd oath by not protecting the people. He did not care if congressmen were shot by the crowd invading the capital.

  17. Pence won't invoke the 25th ammendment because he's chicken shit and has no courage! He's scared of trump! And him running for president ugh! I would never vote for someone that dosent have a backbone and just let's the bully push him around.

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