CNBC host reveals why he left Fox News

CNBC host Shepard Smith discusses his time at Fox Information and why he ultimately left. Go to CNBC to study extra about Smith: #CNBC …

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36 thoughts on “CNBC host reveals why he left Fox News

  1. Fox channel didn’t fit for him. He left fox and join channel where all the gays, lesbians, atheists and all the haters are hosts. He must fit into one of the category, that’s it.

  2. The Q Anon party. Is the name of the old Republican Party.
    Republicans complain about removing Marjorie Greene as unprecedented. But they don't admit that there's a lot of things unprecedented like another house number calling for the assassination of others. The past four years under Trump was unprecedented what they looked away they see no evil they heard no evil and they certainly do not speak when there is evil. They have no moral compass to say what is or what is not unprecedented.

  3. All this guy does in cnb c is express and exaggerate his opinions!!!What is he talking about???He is totally one-sided!!Pretending to have honest and truth!!And you think cnn is all honest and truth, what a joke!!

  4. I think it's important for people to know that Fox news applied with the FCC license for entertainment rather than a news license which really says more than their former employees.

  5. Lack of the whole truth is often the problem: e.g. Syrians protested Assad not because he was evil, but because he reduced groundwater pumping for farmers- but he had to do that because they were destroying the aquifer… it’s a complicated story -but also an example of how damaging can be half the truth.

  6. I like the “hard interviews” that you hear on the BBC. Why can’t a US station have commentary from a truly divers set of viewpoints?

  7. I like the way he calls out anyone on the air: Christiane Amanpour got offended at first, but he is absolutely right. It doesn't matter what their politics: if they're lying, we should turn them off.

  8. Shep Smith. Trying to be forward and honest when reporting the news. A very, very, very rare breed in this day and age.

  9. "Begin with the truth and opine from there", but was unable to give a single example where Tucker, Sean and Laura didn't do exactly that.

  10. Doesn't matter to anyone
    Most Americans have turned off the network news.
    Even our local news.
    Zero trust and sick of the fear mongering.

  11. Its not that theyre not smart enough. It's human nature to absolutely hate being wrong. Also human nature too never admit it. ✌

  12. If the News Industries are inventing lies and deceiving the public for profits and rates, FOX NEWS IS famous for it,

  13. CNN & MSNC & others in the main stream are the media arm of the Democratic Party. They spent years spinning the Russian Trump collusion lie, told us for 7 months that Black Lives Matter protects were peaceful as America burned, $1 billion in proper damage was done & more than 25 people killed. They rarely asked Biden hard and, substantive questions during his presidential campaign. Democratic "leaders" who made threatening, violent remarks were given a pass. No one is more arrogant, smug or sanctimonious than the talking heads at ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNC or NBC.

  14. the problem with Murdoch, Hannity, Ingraham etc, is a lack of empathy. Just unable to empathize. And in order to not have to reflect and work on themselves, they are "proud" of it. Would be different of course, if their needs would be met with the cold lack of empathy…

  15. How about CNN? I am in total agreement with him. The host is biased here. Yes, different politics opinion. There are plenty lies from CNN and others

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