CLAY MINE REVELATION | Curse of Oak Island

On the swamp, Ian Spooner reveals that samples taken from the attention of the swamp have a excessive Mercury content material. His colleague, archaeologist Aaron Taylor, joins …

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31 thoughts on “CLAY MINE REVELATION | Curse of Oak Island

  1. has anyone thought that this area of the swamp which includes a wooden area covering stones ,and the tar making pit. May point to this area being used as a dry dock. A dock to repair and recaulk very old wooden ships.i

  2. What if this whole time and then we find out the money pit is actually a clay mine.. Ohh how disappointing that would be

  3. To better understand what we see and the task ahead, we could try to put ourselves in the place of the creators. We know that they go up in symbolism and we know that the eye must be man-made. We also know that whatever they have hidden, they do not want it to be found despite symbolism. So what would I do if it was me who had to bury something that was the intention that no one should find again. Yes I would find an island first that would lie so I could hide my activity from the locals. secondly, I wanted it inside my island to be low so that I could dig a shaft down to a chamber. After this I would close the shaft to the top so that water did not enter otherwise that someone tried to break in without knowing of possible traps such as flood tunnels. Here, clay will just be able to cover the top like a lid for the shaft. with a right antel beams underneath as foundation under the clay layer. And to keep the clay in place I will make a capsule of stone. Once these are added I will release an area which should turn into a swamp. Will must remember that the temple riders were well aware that even if a building had been made like a pyramid, it was still broken into and emptied. So the place should fall naturally into the environment. One more thing is that a secret order could well have had activities on the spot right from the time of the dieter on the eye as a place to store things out of the way until they no longer dared in fruit for it to become common knowledge what this island had been used for. For why should several teams have come there to store something without it would have been a normal known secret for only certain persons certain ordtner.

    Then there is one thing about Flood tunnels, so I thought at first that you might have found a galleon out in the swamp, which turned out to be a tunnel. this could be a flooded barrel part with sand in. so when you break through water will also penetrate. therefore it is important that you seal this barrel part first until the end you open up to the eye.

  4. Psst, hey Daniel…What Nathan? I found a secret stash of blue clay over in the new world, it'll be a little tricky to get out but with about 723 engineers from the free masons I think we can do it. Wowee, at last we can corner the market on an exotic ingredient to treat diarrhea…we'll be rich! Yes but how will we keep it safe while we excavate? Well lets dig this 900' deep well straight down and construct an elaborate metal safe in the bottom then stack wooden planks every 50' as we backfill and then we'll "leak" this rumor there's a billion in gold bullion down there. The rest of these idiots will be so preoccupied with the fake money pit that they'll never even notice the enormous wealth of blue clay in the swamp. Lol, freaking dolts, we're gonna rule the world!!!!

  5. Depending on the species, trees do grow in areas which are often inundated. There are a lot fewer which can just tolerate salt water, but those areas on the island may have more fresh and brackish water. A swamp is an area often inundated by water and a marsh is a grassy area often inundated.

  6. There some quite Funny Comments. Keep it. My Joke is the Excavator driver must die "Heart attack" before they can solve the mystery.

  7. Why is everyone carrying on about not finding treasure I'm sure the historical side of oak island is more of a treasure then any piece of gold.
    This island is changing history as we speak forget about Columbus he is being made to look like a rookie

  8. It's not clay mining it's the clay they brought in to shield [around] from the intense solar radiation levels of the Ark of the Covenant when it was present there in the Eye of Providence [Eye of God] location at the tip of the pyramid… Which correlates to the earlier investigations where the detectors picked up these radiation readings…

  9. History channel is like a kid in school that needs to write an essay of 5 pages about an apple. And fills up everything with nonses.

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  11. Good luck guys … plenty ppl doubt you but am with you and even if the show goes on for another ten years I’ll still watch

  12. Sorry fellas this β€œHoard” of treasure is longggggg gone!! Even it there were valuable manuscripts instead of precious metals there also long deteriorated. I’m a hopeless romantic my self but let’s be real they milking this topic now a days.

  13. Six years or so watching this and the mind boggles as to why they havent found any "treasure" yet. The last episodes I saw they has concrete pipes going into where they reckoned the money pit was and sent a diver down. So I assume nothing was down there no?

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