This isn’t like different typical deserted locations. This was not a failed enterprise enterprise, or condemned as a result of situation. That is Yorke Island, and it was …

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23 thoughts on “City on a Remote Island

  1. I live on Van Island close to this area. Crazy you managed a visit to Yorke, it’s got some nasty waters. There are a few stations dotted up the east and west coast of the main island here, Yorke being a larger one for early warning and AA for CFB Comox.

    Tons of other cool stations to visit here. Tofino comes to kind right away.

  2. Definitely grizzly bear country as those are some of the islands that grizzlies skip across on to get to the Island….I'm from north of there. I have friends who grew up in Kelsey Bay..they've likely known about this spot…I never knew….great vid. Thanks.

  3. 22:12 that is called Slate. Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism.

  4. The inner channel between the Mainland and Vancouver Island. holds most of the most dangerous currents in the world. It is a very unique geographical area. North of Malcolm Island & South of Campbell River are subjected to fierce winds in the winter every other day (like today). I love the eastside of Vancouver Island. Growing up on Vancouver Island, and travelling all around Desolation Sound by boat. I have been to Yorke Island, although not in a lot of years; and Artillery Island, that barren chunk of rock, was supposedly to have been for Target practise by the Canadian Navy in the late 1940's to late 1950's (or at least that is what I have been told). I grew up near the Nanoose Bay Submarine base, and always saw subs leaving the base, and heading up Georgia Straight towards Desolation Sound and ???? A lot of the time they were on the surface, a couple of klicks past Nanoose point, between Southey and Maude Islands before they would dive.

  5. Where you been. its been ages since you uploaded. Great to see you back, Happy New Year. Hey wow at 7:43 in the tall dude looks like Ryan Reynolds. Awesome video, well worth the wait.

  6. Cool man, been living on VI for 30 years and this is the 1st place I've seen the Govt didn't burn down or bulldoze. An uncle lived on a remote island as an air radio operator in the 70's which was later ground into match sticks with bulldozers. Kudos for the show and exploring our history.

  7. Like othello tunnels an interesting choice of building. Cost wise must have been staggering if not for the free labor. No fresh water.

  8. Hey Dustin, my wife and I love watching your channel from our home in Kelowna.
    Great production on this one, you can really tell your putting more into your videos, they are getting better and better (we just need to get you a proper light now for those dark rooms….lol)
    Thanks for showing us our beautiful forgotten province.

  9. This was so interesting but made me feel sad that there is little effort made by the Provinces to try to preserve some of these sites.

  10. Dustin, do everyone a favor and invest in a high quality flashlight. It will do wonders for your interior shots and will add a bit of safety as well. Happy new year !

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