Chinese and Indian troops ‘clash’ in disputed border area – BBC News

Chinese language and Indian troops have reportedly clashed in a disputed border space, with accidents on each side, Indian media say. The incident happened in north …

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46 thoughts on “Chinese and Indian troops ‘clash’ in disputed border area – BBC News

  1. Actually shocked by the misinformation in this video by BBC, Sikkim is not a disputed area. Having lived here, I can confirm that Sikkim is a state of India.

  2. Unlike in Arunachal and Ladakh, the border in Sikkim is actually clearly demarcated. As a Sikkimese I confirm that it's not disputed.

  3. Sorry to say…but your propoganda is getting worse day by day…if sikkim is disputed…then London belongs to the scotts

  4. Tibet is occupied like recent Hong Kong orelse china and india have a country in middle expanding it self by salami slicing don't worry it's not far away will china going to claim Europe from inside out

  5. European countries already discussing to cut off ties with India after EU DisInfo Lab has exposed India as a shameless liar and terrorist regime in “ Indian Chronicles “

  6. Before India annexed the country of Sikkim, now India is trying to cannibalize the territory of China, India is constantly cannibalizing the territory of Nepal, Bhutan has been completely controlled by India. China is not so easy to mess with, the whole of India is within the range of Chinese missiles. Because the Indian government is corrupt and incompetent, a large number of Indians are currently unemployed, so Modi must create some contradictions at the border to divert people’s attention.

  7. Shame on BBC, You should show Pakistan as desputed territory of Khalistan, Homeland of Sikhs, Birth-place of Great Sikh Guru – Guru Nanak.

  8. I’m from China and I wish only peace between these two ancient civilizations. China and India has more to offer the world together than eating with each other, despite the heartbreaking reality that the latter is more likely😢

  9. Wrong map as expected from BBC
    You guys have even wrongly depicted arunachal Pradesh

    Have the Britons forgot to respect MacMahon line ??

  10. Actually foreign people still can't believe that 29 states with different cultures and traditions can Unite to form a Country🤣

    Edit: Specifically British who looted for about 200 years

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