China Warns Australia, US & UK | 10 News First

China’s International Ministry has cautioned Australia, the US and the UK to remain out of its issues, or danger having their eyes ‘poked out’. Subscribe to 10 Information First to …

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40 thoughts on “China Warns Australia, US & UK | 10 News First

  1. The Chinese communist party … the party is over. The mandate of heaven has been lost and China can't feed its people.

  2. Why are we so concerned about the way China treats their people why are we trying to start a war that does not belong to ask why can't everybody just live in peace and harmony😥

  3. I like the footage showing the riot police thrashing the rioters in HK. The media always focus on the police actions when reporting on China. But when riots occur in the west, like the riots in the Floyd case, the media focus their report on the rioters: looting shops, burning barricades… The police are seen as keeping the peace. This is western media for you. Check out the reports. Just an observation…

  4. Y’all saw this coming; u were so short-sighted & naive 2 expect CCP 2 “democratise” just because of trade. The “Middle Kingdom” has always been powerful … and dogmatic. But guess what, it ain’t the Middle Ages no more! Australia reluctantly finds herself having 2 step up out of existential need. To those who opine we’ve mismanaged the relationship is semantics.

  5. A British man was going to Australia and when he got his visa the officer asked, "Do you have a criminal record?
    The Englishman was amazed and said, "What, is it still only for criminals to go there?"

  6. Oh sure I have only been trying to warn all of you lot for the last 25 or more years and you all told me I was full of crap and I also told you don’t come crying wolf to me when mr chin take over Australian and other countries considering all of you have been selling us all out for the last 50 or more years

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  8. I Think the Chinese already poke the eyes of the 5 💀.. with coronaviros..and trump, the Leader of the 5eyes will soon been onemploy .. that gives him the cohoones to say that

  9. Wow! And we supported the traitors by providing jobs and money so that they can become rich enough to build the best military, best weapons, tanks, ships, planes… wow, just WOW!

    It's all our fault for buying Chinese and strengthening the Dragon. Now panic! 😲

  10. CCP China do you realize the world will wipe your faceless selfishness off the map.
    You have for a long time mistreated your own people and feel you can have any influence on the rest of the world. Bahahahaha

  11. Stop sending those bastards anything, especially iron ore. Stop chinese buying up australian real estate using unmonitored chinese state controlled banks. The accounts are ficticious. Theyre buying out aussie real estate for free. Literally.

  12. For far to long Australia has kow towed to China's demands, China openly admits that it is at war with the world has been for many many years we have failed to take the threat seriously every thing China does it sees as a form of warfare. The United front is running rampant poisoning our systems our societies yet no one has taken any real action to hold them to account, what they are doing is nothing less than a form of terrorism. Cut the cord ethnically and morally Australia should distance itself from the ccp lead by example.

  13. Where does Australia got the balls to accuse China of human rights violations after we find out Australian soldiers killed 37 civilians in Afghanistan???

  14. Morrison halted while stepping on an Austrialian's Lawn, how could he delude his baseless accusation against another giant, without any consequence? if he is a rationized person, the only logic reason might be a call of wild from white house.

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