China just sent a ‘chilling message’ to the rest of the world

Communist China ought to be “given no respect” when it arbitrarily detains and arrests overseas residents like Australian citizen Cheng Lei, in accordance with former …

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44 thoughts on “China just sent a ‘chilling message’ to the rest of the world

  1. Australian soldier are planting flowers in Afganistan right now right. Hypocrisy of the west. Destroy whole countries in the name of freedom but call china a oppressive regime.
    What happen to the Original people of Oceania. I guess they left their land happily.

  2. Thank you Australia for reporting the truth! China is a godless evil Communist monster that will not rest until it destroys the world. Destruction will come to them, instead.

  3. China more n more dangerous? Sky is becoming more n more a liar… to brainwash us 🤮 That girl student doesn't represent all Chinese, if Australia is superior n China is so bad as she said, why do 90% Chinese students choose to return home after study🤔 I use my own logical thinking. I refuse to be easily brainwashed by these china hater MSMs.

  4. American news is fake. No truth !!!!
    There are a few news networks telling the truth except the main stream, like CNN, MSNBC, CBS. So sad!!!
    Then we have big tech trying to silence and sensor free speech. People need to boycott Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google.

  5. When a country has the power to make you telling someone your name a crime of treason.. Things like this aren't surprising at all

  6. Here in CANADASTAN we NEVER hear the TRUTH about ANYTHING!! Liberals think that ignorance is bliss! I love your channel!!!!

  7. China will rule the world,as nobody is willing to take them to task and hold them accountable for their aggression. By the time the world moves against them it will be too late.

  8. All great nations have committed some unthinkable atrocities. I can guarantee to you that what is happening in China is nothing compared to what has happened in America and Europe. Trust me.

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  10. Today’s news in American is so left (one sided) it is allows the same thing. I’m tired of hearing of impeachment.
    This is what I think he meant
    Get a full jar of pennies
    Fine me only 20 pennies from the year2000 no more that is all I need to complete my collection.
    I don’t see any thing wrong with this but many people dislike him because he speak out (freedom of speech) he is not a puppet. I have more to say but why continue

  11. Why would anyone go there, it sounds like a horrible place to live or work. Let China destroy it's self…there already making progress.

  12. Looking at all these comments from uninformed" Americans , someone needs to do an expose on American media/news networks!!! Poor Americans😔

  13. Here is a comment which I liked, from someone I know:
    "China in bed with Iran, North Korea and Russia? No doubt that China is the most influential, Iran the most religious, Russia the most corrupt and North Korea the most brutal.

    Let us just hope that there is no cross pollination."
    Perhaps the process of cross-pollination is well under way already. (e.g. corruption, brutality added to buying influence)

  14. Yep wake up SCO-MO

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