Checking out Golem Island in Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

GhostReconBreakpoint We do not really get in ourselves however we do scope out what we might and… what we discovered raises extra questions than we anticipated!

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20 thoughts on “Checking out Golem Island in Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

  1. I was able to get to golem island but can't do a mission still trying to figure that out. Is u wanna know how I got there with no glitch let me know

  2. I tried flying a helo out to the island but a warning popped up which I didn't have time to read before being killed by drones.

  3. The raid comes out soon since i talked to ubisoft trying to figure out why the fuck the island wasnt available. And that was a titan drone

  4. I have not seen this island in grb therefore it is no on my map and I've been to every place on my map, it's a myth.

  5. They need to stop teasing us with the out of reach areas and release the whole game and story ASAP.
    Because the game is dying fast.

  6. I was flying my chopper to the island over there and died by the the drones and got an achievement, I don't remember what is was but try it.

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