Chauvin Trial: Surveillance Video Shows Inside Convenience Store | NBC Nightly News

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37 thoughts on “Chauvin Trial: Surveillance Video Shows Inside Convenience Store | NBC Nightly News

  1. Ok, so what does this prove? Still doesn't take away the fact a white man put his knee in his neck and killed him!

  2. What his defense doesn't seem to understand is, it doesn't matter if George Floyd pulled a Scarface before he left to go to the store that day. If a man kneels on my neck for nearly 10 minutes and I'm cuffed and face down with two other men on my back, I'm going to die. And I have no drugs in my system. High or not, his death was caused by asphyxiation period. You have to be a soulless person to ignore that fact simply because it's a black man and black lives don't matter in this country.

  3. George Floyd’s death was disturbingly wrong … the WORLD was moved to anger and tears .. to Derek .. this is just another case … I wonder how many are murdered by police and nothing is done.
    Derek shows no remorse

  4. Floyd was just collateral damage.
    It was set up to setup the BLM riots and get most of the black people votes. We can see now that democrats don't care about Floyd

  5. I am white they arrested me same for fake bill ,I didn't know that I had fake bill. I didn't argue I did not refuse to be arrested, nobody screamed outside to police to let me go.
    I went to police to police station, they asked me where did I get that bill ,they checked my story and let me go

  6. But Chauvin refused to obey the instructions of the official , let me give you a example: this week one official stop to me for infraction of traffic and I don't understand to muc h English and he told me , but I don understand the instructions but he call me in Spanish I understood and I obey, but if I will be agresive what happen, so we need to obey the low, Chauvin no obey. Somebody need to control a deshorden people, so we need to think the consequences our acts. For me the official is innocent because the police officers they receive thah tactics of his instructors. And now the delinquent people receiving a medal of honor for infraction of the law and our officials who defend our society are with charges, now the delinquent people will control our streets for this bad decision against our officials, now this govermant and justice man doing very bad desicions.

  7. So there saying if Floyd would’ve went home & sat on his couch, eventually he would have died.🤷🏽‍♂️ 👊🏽 Get the F!%# Outta Here😡 how dare they say that S!%#

  8. I have no idea how true this is, but I heard the cop KNEW Floyd personally and it wasn't police brutality, but a flat out murder.

  9. The shame is all the life's affected by Floyd. A convicted violent criminal , high on hard street drugs , stealing and fighting with law enforcement. A absolute POS of a human being made into a martyr… welcome to America

  10. Haha we can go around high on lethal amounts of drugs and pay for things in fake money and when we wind up dead because of our own stupidity, we burn down the town

  11. Minimum 25 years to Life is what I think Chauvin will get. And the rooky who was on his first day on the job… Should never have been charged and should sue for false arrest and wrongful termination.

  12. Career criminal w 9 convictions.. he stopped that criminal from commiting more crime in the future… floyd was cancer of our society.

  13. Poor kid….Floyd is in the store crackhead dancing high af, this kid is just trying to do his job. Now he's gotta live with this bs

  14. I really do think if he wasn't under the influence, he may still be here. Its very sad what happens to him, but when a cop tells you to do something you gotta listen. His friends in the vehicle and strangers were telling him to calm down and to listen to the cops.

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